Peace for Perfectionist

Peace to the Perfecter

Finally it's here!

You take a deep breath

While others are avoiding the approach

I'm so dear

All right

Unconditional love

Just open your eyes

So you can see

You're already

Maybe in part

I'm here

To tell you more

Whether it's already [19659002] Too Hard

Too Hard

Too Much

Too Much

Too Much

Too Much

Too Much

Too Much

Something Forcing


19659002] Thinking High

High and mighty

Or at least widening

So I do not even know …

I'm here

They asked

Tell you

Sometimes talk

Or at least

Light up

In some dark places

The soul slits

Where else is

to be complete

still delicious fruit

In your bowl

To enjoy others.

You are welcome

There is enough pain

So please kindly

Do not cease yourself

With this continuous internal dialogue

] Unless you are perfect

Others despise

be the truth!

These assumptions are rusty

And we will not

Fall in us

So here's what to do

Your mind is first renewed

The gremlins say

To stop tracking

And talk to you

Send the truth

Perfect love casts out fear

Embrace love my dear

It is not supposed to love

This is NOT based [19659002] There is

Your Personality

Not Your Neighborhood

Where You Live

The Car You Drive

About the Divine Life

Agape Love

From the Creator above

Relax from Rat Race [19659002] Patience for Pressure

Human Trafficking

Peace for Refining Trends

Pull Back and Release Humanity

Find Your Headquarters at International Level

Because there is love, life and freedom.



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