Peace, happiness and God

The ultimate goal of all human aspirations is happiness. But can you be happy about financial success? Money can buy happiness? Great results bring great happiness? The truth is that wealth, success, and results can bring their name, reputation, and pride, but they will not bring happiness. If the lack of money and success suffers and suffers from suffering, it does not give real happiness either. So the question is to find this endless end to human aspiration? How can you be a peaceful and happy person, regardless of whether there is any success or failure in life?

A fellow Uranus responds to eternal humanity in Gita 2: 66. He says:

It makes no sense, Bhavna [feeling for God] for Ayukta [un-united] and a non-Bhavna, there is no peace. How can a peacebuilder be happiness? 2:66. Chapter

Humanity ignored these words of God in the pursuit of happiness. Lord Krsna clearly says that if a person does not unite (to God), he can not do without peace and peace, then he can not be happy. Not only that, Lord Krishna says that a united person has no sense.

All that a man has to do to reach peace and happiness is to unite with God. And so you do not have to leave your pursuit of wealth, success, and lifestyle in life. As we have already explained, God is self-knowledge and wisdom toward equality for all beings with the conviction that everyone is God. The person who looks at the ego and looks at other beings "I" / different men and women does not agree with the wisdom of God. Nevertheless, the person who is free of the egos and who searches all beings as God is united with wisdom to God. He will be free from sorrow and will attain peace and happiness.

In order to free the creatures from the egos and unite them in God, Krishna tells in Gita that the beings have no right to the fruits of action, and therefore, they must do actions to rescind the fruits to God. By explaining God's words, most writers say that a person must do a job without having to worry about the fruits of action. However, they do not tell you how to avoid fruit worrying about the actions being taken. If a person views the fruits of action (success or failure) as "mine" and keeps it in mind, he or she is automatically worried about the fruit. Furthermore, when the fruit (success and failure) is considered to be mine, it does not obey the law of God, according to which there is no right to the fruits. What is really to be done is to convince one's intellect with the idea that God's fruit is the fruit. And when the fruit is in the form of success or failure, joy, or sorrow, man must mentally renounce the fruit to God, saying that the joy or sadness of success or failure is God. If one performs actions that constantly rely on God and believes that it is happening to all God and the fruit of all action is God, he is not worried about the fruit. Then he unites with God, and it will give him peace and happiness. Since he does not look at the objects, he does not bind to objects as set out in 2: 62-63. It interrupts the chain that begins with attachment, and it causes desire, anger, deception, memory disturbances, the loss of intellect and death. His sense will be stable and will not be destroyed, but will be a non-perishable being.

He called the Buddhi-yog (Discipline of Intellect) called Lord Krsna to renounce the fruits of action to God. Unless the Buddhi-good man is united with God, there is no peace and happiness and can not be rid of the constant births of different bodies. The person who performs acts without renouncing the fruit to God is bound by the actions. Binding, Desire, Anger, etc. Because he loses his sense of meaning and dies to make a new birth in a new body.

Buddhi-yog's name is disciplined, and there is no need for any change in lifestyle and steps taken to practice Jog. In order to awaken the meaning of the individual and achieve peace and happiness by joining God, he must change his thoughts and not actions and experiences. It should continue with the usual actions and enjoyments as before, but in a permanent sense, to the idea that the fruit of all action is God, and God enjoys the subject of the senses. This will liberate him from desire and ego, unite him with God, and give him eternal peace and happiness.

Everything is not with peace and happiness, and they all die because the wisdom of Jog has not yet been understood. When the beings understand and follow God's highest wisdom, they not only achieve peace and happiness, but also their constant birth in different bodies and become perishable beings.

One should take seriously the word of God and understand the true meaning of these words. I must admit that God is his will; that God has given the Jog's self-knowledge and wisdom to his well-being and happiness. You have to believe the words of Lord Krsna in verse 2:66 that if you do not associate with Buddhi-yog, he can not live in peace and happiness. The same wisdom that gives peace and happiness to man also gives him self-realization and does not constitute a pernicious creature. The world will be led into a new era where all the creatures will live in peace, happiness, and individuality, recognizing that they are all God.

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