Peace – How to Find It

Peace is the experience of those moments when "everyone feels he is right with the world and with himself". He sighs in relief and is resting in a gracious moment. Every thought and feeling seems silent, and an inner joy and satisfaction come to silence. If you have experienced this, you will find it again.

Today everyone is looking for peace. You may have to take a break from your pace and pressure. From everyday workplace stress, from home, or simply from self-exertion. It really is.

How can you live more peace in your life? Here is a list that can lead to peace. The list is simple, but practice is a momentary process. The reward is great.

first Be aware that you understand yourself. The patterns and beliefs you have created will create the experience you call your life.

2nd Identify your feelings. Use this information as a guide to your heart's desires.

3rd There are many beauty and harmony on this earth. Look around the trees, the grass flowers and the animals around you. Enjoy and appreciate thanks for Thanksgiving. Get in touch with the gods of the world. Look at the sky.

4th Everyday life must be kept in balance. Eat well, move the body in a way that feels good (eg exercise, dance). Rejoice in kindness. If you go back to old habits, go back to the next steps and understand what else to be.

5th Be in touch with your instincts and natural inclinations. Honor respect and acknowledge them, but do not let them rule.

6th Find someone in the guide or work in the group when you make a change. Seek support until you are the source of the best guidance. You can be your own expert.

7th Start now.



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