Peace in Relationships – a Christian perspective that works

Have you ever observed that in certain relationships we have a sense of comfort for a certain person or group, and can we call it "peace" – when we are really able to be free to ourselves? And then in some other relationships, for some reason, is not the same comfort, we do not feel ourselves, so there is no peace. We feel it is distorted by an annoying spirit that does not support the occurrence of peaceful communication.

Jesus mentions this to his disciples and gives us some references to the preservation of our peace – this applies to Christianity; for everyone actually.

"When you enter a house, first say peace to this house." If a peacemaker is there, then peace will rest, if not, then he will return to you. "(Luke 10: 5-6)

" Any city or village where you enter, look for a worthy man and stay in your house until you leave or hear your words, shake off your legs when you leave it (Matthew 10: 11-16) [19659002] The point is, if we feel comfortable for a person or a person, and there is mutual interest, good communication, sympathy or empathy, then our peace must be able to rest on the situation and the people concerned. we can be mentally allowed to allow our peace to swim to coexist with ourselves and to unite with others, which explains trust.

However, if we find that the interaction we are involved in is somewhat uncomfortable, we need to protect the peace by retaining it. This means we must be careful to protect peace and our hearts from the wolves who try to steal from us. We can allow and really shake the powder from our feet. like the Jewish saying, and surprisingly take it out of the situation. As we feel a wolf, the redeemed peace returns to us.

And what is this peace? Jesus is the peace of faith. Insuring peace, which can be a great deal in the spirit of life and end in the insecurity of life. If you meet more peace, more peace is flowing, but as a phone call, you can easily detach it. & # 39; Jesus Explains:

Jesus' Final Charges in Matthew 10:16 (Jesus 14:27) Christian Life is an ambiguous sword of purity and cautiousness – a spell like a snake, but innocent as a dove – which is difficult to achieve, though not impossible. necessary to really grow in wisdom

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