Peace in the midst of the concerns of the everyday war

Days are not necessarily a blessing, and working days are not necessarily curse. Peace can avoid the unit, but it is centrally located in the other. Yet, joy is the peace enigma. Much of the peace belongs to the mind; by acquiring and possessing it in the midst of thinking of the mind, of the applause, of the experience. And just now.

As many of them suspect, I can be confused by the pressure of time and work; the cornerstone of competitiveness priorities and the contractual concert of time. I was bored in one extreme and I was jammed on the other. And this is a fine line that separates the two.

It humors me how fragile I am about the circumstances of the case. And yet, without such merciless stimulation, with the loss of life, I would never have the power of consciousness that could become superintendent and deserve the vulnerability of my heart.

Peace is a mystery, paradox, never-ending controversy. Yet is available at any time. These realities are indeed contradictory, but at the same time and at the same time true to the contradictions of reality.

Peace does not seem impossible if the present simultaneously leads to more competition, but this is merely a matter of slowing down and entering the phenomenon of the process – doing one thing at the same time through attentive discipline.

Within the limits of time and space, peace is the goal of confronting an unbreakable reality. We can not change dimensional laws to meet our whim. At the time and space when our path is bent, it is absurd, but it is common knowledge that we are disappointed when we find that we can not lessen it. We just have to see that futile is impossible.

When we accept that life is a war, peace is the truce we intentionally want to fight.

Peace and anxiety

To be in peace, there must first be awareness of anxiety .

The denial of anxiety is meaningless. Recognizing this is the first step to incorporating this next step towards reducing it. For ordinary anxiety, we can say that it is not. & # 39;

The simple effect of the use of continuous manifestation strategies proves that they are less distressed or squeezed into the bud at the ultimate moment . There is, of course, no long-term solution that is easy to work and apply; but now now .

Accept that peace and anxiety are your current possessions. One may be the other. Peace is no longer working. So why allow the free rule of anxiety?

When I come before you,

help me to accept the war,

to you, who is all right,

I have to find peace.


Life is a war, but not the physical death you want to fight in battle. This is the wound of the blow. The purpose of life is not to wear us. Inviting us to reconcile the tensions and emerge, recognizing anxieties as the forerunner of peace because without looking passionately for ways to reach another.

What better way to anxiety than looking up to the sky and considering options.


Only in the storm's eyes we find peace. This is the only place in the midst of chaos. This is the place of the mind in the heart of the heart. When chaos explodes and threatens to overthrow all rationality; where reasoning does not seem impossible.

Go to the eye in the storm; the silence in anger; silently in the roar. This place is in the absence of our mind. Experience it through the senses.



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