Peace inside

You've heard that there was a lot of talk about peace, but where's a miracle? And what is peace inside?

In the interior of the peace there are many names – the snake power – that is visible on the shield of Athens, the West in the Holy Spirit, and Kundalini in the east. Happiness [Peace within] is when you think what you are saying and what you are doing is in harmony. Gandhi

Peace is within minutes. When they adhere to the miracles of Kundalini's energy, the maximum benefits are physically, mentally and emotionally achieved. Taking Kundalini energy is key to enhancing and sharpening the five sensitivities.

Kundalini energy lies beneath the spinal column in the sacrum bone, which is Latin in the sacred. When this energy is activated, you react like a mother who just saw her newborn baby. Energy gently nourishes our creatures and chakras, improves and cures stress, insecurity, frustration, and so on. Signs that allow you to feel pleasure and satisfaction.

The connection to Kundalini's energy is openness and the desire to create wellness and tranquility. Many people practice yoga or Ti Chi to open the flow of energy through the body. As you practice these techniques, you will notice the feeling of energetic peace and tranquility. You may feel strange coolness in your hands. Through our hands, we know the difficulties and their defeat.

Hands are kept and handled. Couplings and grips. Grab and let go. Caressing. Pinching. All the ways in which experience is handled. Fingers represent the details of life. Thumb – intellect and worry; Index – ego and fear; Close – anger and sexuality; Ring – trade unions and sorrows; Small family – and he did. If you experience a discomfort in your hand or in your finger, the message indicates that the proper area is difficult and / or handles problems. This is a message to evaluate what is happening and make adjustments. If you do not make the necessary adjustments, you are likely to experience a faint manifestation of arthritis, or sometimes an "accident" will damage your hands / fingers in vain to get you up or fix it "bother you. In this regard, Kundalini energy is considered to be an internal physician / psychiatrist who reveals the difference in the mind, body, spirit and MRI or tests.

Kundalini energy teachers use how to become the master of our mind, body, and spirit.

Source: Heal Your Body, Louise L. Hay



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