Peace is a challenge

Today, as ever, our world is crying for peace. But peace on our planet will continue to be desirable until we accept the unified consciousness. Humanity really has to make sure that we are in contact with each other, with the living creatures and the whole ecosystem. From the state of mind, love and grace ignite our inner light by revealing our deity and kinship with the universe as a whole. Developing love and compassion on all of our planet's life forms are less and less concerned with "I" and feel better about creating our unity.

Respect for God in everything and everything is natural from the true sense of conscience. If we are all to overcome this unity, many current problems will disappear. Violence against others, terrorism, transnational warfare, the laying of the wolf's air force, gas and oil drilling on our wildlife, and other practices that would threaten our beautiful world would cease to exist. Hurting others would become unthinkable, because we would know that harm would harm others to the individual.

The lack of understanding of all contexts of life and the disrespect of any of creation has serious implications for the whole of the planet and the planet. This is the feeling of separation from God, the sacredness of existence, which is the root of all suffering in the world.

Finding peace is the topic of being an ancient legend. In this story, the farmer asks the rabbi when he is in peace on Earth. The rabbi asked, "Follow me." Then he took the master to a side of a stream, put his hand on the jeans' head, and pushed it into the water until the farmer breathed the air. The rabbi said, "This is the answer: if people love peace so much as you just want to breathe, when you get peace when the individual is ready to give everything in it or in peace, there is air, there will be peace. "

Is not our planet still hanging in the air? What will you do for our nations and law enforcement agencies to give everything for peace? The only starting point is our own consciousness, the most fertile land, for individual and secular transformation. By exercising love and compassion and respecting the sacrament of the Church, we can simultaneously bring peace to one heart and revive the world.

If we are not shepherds in the new era of peace, who will lead the way? With that in mind, would you join me to get a peaceful challenge? Within a month, extend a loving kindness and compassion to a living creature, including those outside your family. See how it feels and how it brings about the development of your life in the deafness of heart and unity. The challenge of peace shows how we can change the world, a heart at the same time.



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