Peace is a child

Few modern day stories illustrate the image of grace as "the child of peace," as told by missionaries of Don and Carol Richardson, New Guinea, for the Sawi tribes.

Events took place in the 1960s as the couple who evangelized the Sawi tribes, the warlike cannibals. Finally, it seemed that their efforts did little, and after the fifteenth civil war of tribes, Don and Carol announced that they would leave after exhausting their efforts to end the fighting. When they announced that they were leaving in the morning, the tribal leaders called for them to stay and promised to bring peace to the day when they rose. They were skeptical, Richardsons lay down on the bed, and when they woke up at dawn they had no idea what they would see. In fact, their lives have changed forever. War-torn military exercises were held in front of their house, between the opposition sides.

He screamed at the right. An infant man and the shepherd's wife turned to the other side and turned the other torso to his child. He claimed to be the child of peace. A few minutes later, the scene was repeated from the other side, father, baby, and the crying mother of the child. The child of peace was again summoned.

The leaders then solemnly came to the Richardsons and said that as long as these children grew up and lived amongst each other's tribes, peace would be among the Sawi people.

Richardsons explained that this is the Gospel that they tried to preach. Then the Sawi people began to send their lives to Christ one after the other, finally understanding the message that a masculine child justly greeted us with peace and gave up his life so that we would no longer go to God, separating death from sin, but while still sinning it was Christ who gave his life for ours, the truth for the unrighteous, the guilty of the righteous.

After a few years at Christmas, one of the leaders wanted to share the message. He opened his Bible and turned to Isaiah and remarked, "We have a child born and give us a boy." The living metaphor was completely grassy.

A few years ago, on the fifteenth anniversary of the event, a reporter went to New Guinea and found people still in peace and still followed Christ. Wonder what the faith is.

He got up, he really rose.



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