Peace is a process

Peace process is going on. The nations of the world ask for peace. From Afghanistan to Iraq, to ​​Gaza and Lebanon, we see destruction, violence and devastating appearance. Israel is at the center of the process. Whether we understand it or not, the whole earth lies in spiritual struggle. Although it seems that there are many, unrelated war between nations, nationalities, or religions, or is seeking or opposed to God's Resistance.

It will soon be a fake "peace". It does not last and many will be deceived. Be alert and wise. Prophecies about your "end" unfold before your eyes! The time of great misery (Matthew 24:21) is close to him. In global history, for the first time, all nations of the Earth have to choose. "Come, nations, listen, and hear, peoples, hear the earth and all that is in it: the world and all that comes from it." (Iz 34: 1)

True peace must be when the Lord comes back and sets up his land in Israel: "Behold, I laid a foundation in a rock of stone, a stone of stone, a precious corner stone, a sure foundation." (Isaiah 28:16) As the Covenant of the Covenant is exactly God's imagination it is built in the wilderness, so that Jerusalem is a pattern of the heavenly city of God that is to be established on the earth. "His will is to be done on earth as it is in heaven." (Luke 11: 2) Every physical element of the earth has a psychic mate

I have made a covenant with my elect, and have sworn to David my servant, to your seed for ever, and to build up your throne for all generations; my covenant shall not be broken nor redeemed he stumbles from the thing that came out of my lips, when I swore to my holiness that I would not lie to David, his seed would be eternal, and his seat as the sun before me. "(Psalm 89: 3,4,34-36) Jesus is the core (Luke 3: 23-38) Through his sacrifice on the cross, all nations will be able to be traced and spiritual to Israel.

" The desert returns and flourishes, like a rose, it is abundant in flourishing, rejoicing with gladness and singing, not: behold, thy God cometh, and cometh, and saves thee. the blind shall be opened, and the ears of the deaf shall cease, and they shall sing for the fool: for in the wilderness waters shall fall, streams in the desert, and the redeemed of the Lord come back, and eternal joy on their heads: they shall have joy and gladness, and sorrow and sorrow shall flee . "(Exodus 35: 1-10)

Did you enter the spiritual Israel, the Lord chose? Just as Israel now fights its enemies in the desert places and widenes the deserts, so be enthusiastic and exercise misery? Satan knows that his time is very short (Joel 2:25) Wait for it to be victorious

"There is no weapon against you that will be built upon you, and all (Isaiah 54:17) The Lord's Day (Zeph 1: 7) "All knees bow and all tongues admit that Jesus Christ is the Lord." ( 2:11)



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