"Peace is the way" (Peace-Making verse)

Many people in the world say "peace is the way"

And when they ask for peace from them, they do not know what to say.

Peace has many faces, more than one,

Peace finds a way of self-discovery

Finding peace through self-knowledge

Finding peace through self-knowledge

19659002] We need to heal the wounds through Healing

The Cause of Chaos in Today's World

The mind of our people is full of fear and shock

Finding peace in our lives is a simple choice,

Quiet yourself and listen to your inner voice.

The Truths of God Speak Loudly and Clearly

You will come to see that everything is the mirror.

Many You reject that all this reflects you, but accepting the truth is what will be free.

Now that you know your journey begins

When the whole world does this, there will be more war.

Peace begins now that peace begins. here begins with you,

Conversion is what you must do

It is time to heal the inner dimension,

As you would, you will begin to ascend.

The Way to Be

Ask for God for Guidance and Signs in Doubtful Moments

Answers Will Happen Mysteriously

Sometimes in a Moment … Others in Days

] Trust Me in My Friend, Relief Of Time

Your beginnings are healed, you will be okay

You are grateful, thank you, these are good starting places

open your hearts

Happiness, joy and love await

When choosing peace, what you choose

So now you see my friend, peace is the way [19] 659002] Now that you know how to start today.

I wish you good luck, I know you will be good

I'm waiting for the day without our hatred

Our peace in this time and space

The world is a much better place.

Thank you! Thanks! Thank you to my friend,

The journey has started, it is time to go up.

By: Brad Morris



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