Peace, leadership and cause

Peace is the ultimate form of life that most people are looking for. The pursuit of happiness, satisfaction and non-violent world is the thing that man preserves. He often does not recognize the price he has paid for the rest of us to enjoy the peace we can enjoy. Styles supporting peace are quite interesting; because there are some who have been teaching peace in peace on the theories of non-violence and those who have taught us peace through the power of trial; and this is the force that will bring peace to most of our people in the world so much. Both have a good message and style and both pay a real price for their philosophy to achieve the ultimate vision of peace. Take a look at one of the world's most important peacekeepers and the price paid for their conviction. Mahatma Gandhi and Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. were both non-violent teachers; and the incredible change in the world through our non-violent peace-based state of mind. Nevertheless, the two great figures were both imprisoned and others murdered who sincerely hated war and were assassinated for their conviction to respect the position of the state they represent, such as Abraham Lincoln and Anwar Sata.

Many look for opportunities in leading positions. And of course we want to be in a leading position without being murdered. Of course, but what can not be denied if they want to be in a leading position is the responsibility to work harder than those who led them. There is no room around them that leaders work better than those who lead, and if not, they will not be honest. Leaders should be accountable to those who lead and not to understand the lack of goods and / or products outside the management but the responsibility to be held accountable to be more aware of their leadership role leading. The leader needs courage and intensity to make difficult decisions in difficult times and understand that decision will not be everyone. Leaders are constantly under pressure to prepare for the victim; they sacrifice their time on their family, their own well-being, and occasionally the need to sacrifice the spiritual comfort of a given decision.

Now, in a brief discussion of peace and leadership; you may be asked how this is mixed up with the causes. You see, reason is a behavioral feature that allows leaders to base their peace and leadership on interpretative variables within the composition of their personality. It deals with issues of emotion and emotion, it has a very strong behavioral nature that keeps constant control and balance. The reasoning is the elements of recognition and the need to identify the most important issues related to the discussion forum. The justification will include the concept of information, consultation and negotiation, which serves as a basis for the fundamental interest of the cause of peace; what kind of leadership control and what kind of argumentation formula. About thirteen years ago, we were unable to negotiate with North Vietnam because we could not make a reasonable decision on what type of table we would use in the negotiating forum, so the war continued.

The world has to act from the point of view of many experts. positive emotions. Stop and think about the best positive emotions or negative emotions? What leads us on a path to peace, and that leads us to the damage? Pray for peace, pray for our leaders, and pray to use all the emotional abilities for the love of love in the world.



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