Peace, Love and Happiness – Seven Steps To Learn More This Season

From Christmas to the solstice, winter holidays serve the celebration of light and hope; love and joy. At this time, increasing wars and declining jobs sometimes celebrating positive emotions are also more challenging. Here are seven steps to more peace of love and happiness in the holiday season, no matter what circumstances.

1) Silent Mind Begins

Peace, Love and Happiness are soul states. When we all recall our work or problems, there is no place in happiness in happiness, so we need to keep silence in mind to leave love and happiness alone. There are many techniques from deep breathing to meditation, directed images and progressive muscle relaxation. They all work and everyone works better in practice.

2) Accept Your Position

Accepting our present situation does not mean that we must accept or agree that it is good or right, we are simply there. We are today and we and where we are today and I have no time to change it. Once we accept the current circumstances, we can begin to focus on the improvement.

3) Forgive Your Enemies

Like accepting a situation, forgiveness is not the same as approval. Sometimes forgiveness is just the recognition that hatred and anger are more than injured. Sometimes it's only a temporary weapon delivery or something else to focus on. Often when we stop discouraging, we allow the possibility of improving.

4) Focusing on what you want

This works best if we can not point out material things but values, but the directors work in both directions. Our brain responds to a good day, just like the real one. We can often start material and move to more abstract values ​​by concentrating on how we feel. For example, we want to be an expensive red sports car because it makes me feel huge, respected, sexy, attractive and loved. What we really want to feel is and we love it.

5) Identify what it is

Often, when we become clear about what we want, it's easier to see where it is. For example, if you want to love and love a car, sometimes we can see where there is someone in our lives who loves us and appreciates us. Perhaps we can see relationships that have given us dissatisfaction with only a little improvement.

6) We value what

When we value people and things that are already in our lives, we begin to develop gratitude. Many recent studies have shown that gratification is often the source of happiness. To love and support gratitude.

7) Share the Best with Others

We can best share what we simply expressed thanks and thanks. Compliment and thanks can offer others too. The love and happiness we often sell is getting stronger.

As you do this seven steps in your life, love and happiness in peace must be increased in your life.



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