Peace movement

Peace movement is a social movement aimed at pursuing ideas such as the elimination of a particular war (or all war), minimizing domestic violence in a particular place or position, including the prohibition of arms. are often linked to achieving world peace. The tools needed to achieve these goals include pacifism, nonviolent resistance, diplomacy, boycotts, demonstrations, peace camps; support for anti-war political candidates and prohibition of weapons, open government, direct democracy; who are waging war crimes or conspiracies to create wars and make laws. The different organizations involved in the peace movement may have different goals, but one of the common goals is peace of sustainability

Peace movement is basically an "anti-war movement". First of all, there is a belief that people can not fight and not engage in violent conflicts over language, race, natural resources, religion, or ideology. They believe that military power does not comply with the judiciary. Peace movement is generally opposed to the spread of dangerous technologies and weapons of mass destruction, in particular nuclear weapons and biological warfare. Moreover, many people are opposed to weapons, including hand-held machine guns and grenades, to leading economies for less developed nations.

The first peace movement was published between 1815-1816. In the United States, the first such movement was the New York Peace Society founded in 1815 by the David Law Dodge theorist and the Massachusetts Peace Society. It becomes an active organization, holds regular weekly meetings and produces literature that spreads to Gibraltar and Malta, describing the horror of war and the support of pacifism based on Christianity. The London Peace Relationship (also known as the Society for the Promotion of Permanent and Universal Peace) was founded in 1816 to promote the permanent and universal peace of the William Allen philanthropist. In the 1840s, British women formed about 15-20 women from "Olive Leaf Circles" to discuss and support pacifist ideas. Peace movement grew in the mid-nineteenth century. At the initiative of the London Peace Command, the American Consul in Birmingham, Elihu Burritt and Henry Henry, in turn, convened the first International Peace Agreement in London in 1843. The Congress has defined two goals: the idea of ​​peaceful arbitration is the establishment of nations and an international institution.

After that, peace agreements have been established in many countries. The United Nations was founded with the aim of maintaining peace and resolving inter-state conflicts in the world. A number of contracts have been signed between many nations and there is a remarkable agreement on the non-proliferation of nuclear weapons. Everyone wants peace and loves the principles of non-violence.



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