Peace of Mind – What kind of insurance do you need for volunteering overseas?

If you are planning volunteering abroad, it's easy to prepare for excitement here and now – your passion for supporting that, substantial details about what to pack and where to sleep and how to raise the resources you need. So much in your mind, no wonder many potential volunteers do not deal with more secular aspects – such as insurance.

Although it may seem boring and (hopefully) unnecessary to consider, health insurance coverage should be high on the list of checklist lists before you want to travel abroad. Many overseas volunteers assume that if you have an insurance policy in the United States, your card will be valid where you go, but that's not the case. In the event of sudden illness or medical emergencies and voluntary or foreign studies in a doctor or hospital, most local policies do not apply to treatment. Although many foreign hospitals introduce and treat sick or injured Americans, it does not allow discharge until all balances are settled.

Before you start, make sure you contact a local agent and see if your health insurance system is valid outside of the country. If this is not possible, you may need to open an additional travel policy that can cover you in a medical emergency during your volunteer work. You must also ensure that you can cover any evacuation fees that are required to return you quickly to the United States and to a disaster-picked health institution.

Although it may be tempting to abandon travel insurance in the face of faster demands, especially when working on a tight budget, supplementary policy should not be considered as a foreign volunteering luxury. If you work with a volunteer program to plan a trip, you should be able to help with opening a policy. If not, contact an insurance agency directly and inquire about your travel insurance programs. The next soul is worth every penny.



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