Peace of Peace

Blessing for the Holidays – Whatever your spiritual journey, from east to west all over the world, we celebrate and respect the infinite light and the universal love source that we are all! Hearts are filled with peace, love, joy, and gratitude everywhere!

In this tiring season, when buying gifts, preparing meals for celebration and impromptu events, we can take a moment to think about the gifts of light. Many people respect the embodiment of the beloved Jesus and the teachings he has given him. His humble presence on Earth inspired the Christmas holidays. As the master of love and light, he is the most well-known love of his message. By demonstrating this example he exemplified this teaching and embarked on a love source that was on the other side. The year of selfless service reminds us to embody our greatest blessing to help raise each other and become a channel for the infinite source to pass on it. Especially during the hectic nature of the holiday we need courage and we love the gift of our presence to each other.

Throughout history, it was the time of blow, suffering and disagreement, but in this light season, we leave the differences apart and place the light on our own heart, which connects us all. Be the lighthouse of light in this world. Join the angels and archangels and rising lights who offer their blessings on this planet and be bold and lighten the lives of those around us! We can be earth angels! The gentle touch, the kind word, the gaze of encouragement, these tiny tenderness are among the most important gifts. I trust you to call or visit someone you know who is alone in this holiday season. This loving gesture can only be the best gift they receive both day and night, because as Master Jesus said, "this gives us".

Count your blessings and allow your inner shine to shine! You can celebrate any celebration this season, whether it's Christmas, Hanukkah, Kwanzaa, Diwali, or the solstice, or just the light inside the light, to shine and glow in this world and to transform darkness into light and bring more peace bring us and this planet.



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