Peace of the Mind – Divine Blessing

The word Blessing & # 39; he instructs us to believe that he is referring to some divine power. In fact, blessings come from God. There are two types of blessing in the context of human life: one is physical blessing (material blessing), the other is divine blessing. Physical blessings can be seen in the form of worldly things such as good income, good life partner, well-established children, beautiful home, vehicles, healthy relationships with our kith and keens.

Divine blessings are beyond human comprehension and imagination. However, it exists. The tranquility of the mind is a divine blessing between all the rest. Although this seems logical, yes. This is the peace that goes beyond any human interpretation. The tranquility of the mind is what we all want. We all want to relax, not worry, free to enjoy life, family, friends, work, hobbies and entertainment.

Although all blessings come from God, the physical blessings of a day are imperfect, clear and incomplete; but heavenly blessings never create such feelings. Man tends to believe that all the comforts he sees around is the real source of peace. With this belief, all tricks and games are exercised to gather wealth and wealth through various means. He starts to believe that wealth really gives you peace and soul. Furthermore, you think that once you take all of them, there will be a heavenly life. But every dream fades one day when it turns out that there is still something missing that actually fills her inside and perfectes her. The emptiness of the spiritual surfaces and the real joy are lacking in all prosperity.

This does not mean that wealth creation is undesirable business life in life. But if the motto of life and the practice of impurities affect the same thing, God invites anger. According to the Bible, Jesus told his disciples: "Those who want to enrich, tempt and trap, and come to so many stupid and harmful desires that destroy and destroy people." That is why it is very important that God is important in your life, even if you put every luxury on your pocket. Money is far more important than God, sin, but the first situation of life in life is what arouses greatness and joy. This is a very personal experience.

When a rich young man came to Jesus to seek the Kingdom of Heaven and asked, "Master, what to do to go to heaven." Jesus replied, "Give everything to the poor, and you will receive eternal wealth in the heavens." This man went mournfully abundantly rich. Jesus turned to his disciples and said to them, "Is it easier for a camel to pass through the needle's eye than the rich to enter the sky but lose his soul or what can one do in return?

Or seek eternal peace or just

If we do not understand the complicated mystical things, the least thing we can do is just follow a simple law of nature, go "doing good, good profit." This calm and peaceful life mantra .



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