Peace on Earth in another 365 days

For three hundred and sixty-four days, one third of the world's population is talking about Christian peace. And one day of the year they experience it …

If the youngest and largest group of the three most important religions succeed each year on a day of peace, it is certainly possible to follow a model of other religions. Every group speaks of peace, but Christians mostly celebrated a day in peace every day. But even this is superficial. Because motorways, parking, shopping centers and homes are two days before Christmas, we can see that war roots are still there. Christmas is just a rest from the war, and it's not really a day of peace.

If humanity is peaceful, will it not be peace after thousands of years of trying? Do we try to show the same hat with the same hammer, following the same things that do not bring us to the peace we want to say?

Life is a process that does not end there. Man can not find peace on earth, but he only experiences moments of peace under the gunshots fire. The ideology of obtaining peace is much more desirable than the real achievement of peace. As peace arises, peace will no longer be, and the thought of war must be re-awakened as humanity reaches for peace.

In the history of mankind, peaceful people sought to expand peace with the act of war. And maybe because they really do not know the peace. If the world is ready for peace, it would prove in homes, roads, parking and shopping malls.

Peace is the one we are in; we come from peace, why do not we introduce it? You need to come back to knowing peace. You must know the peace before you know the peace.

War begins at home and goes to the streets and the battlefield. This is originally from hostile or primitive people who still believe that they are separated from their enemies. Humanity still does not know or do not believe it can only make war, because there is nothing else and the enemy fully agrees with you. When you face the enemy, you look at the mirror. This is your own right hand in your face.

The war will always continue until humanity changes the mind of war. This is a learning curve coupled with craze. If what you are doing does not bring what you want, why would you do it? What a fool this is? Unless they find the reason they do not want peace, they will always turn to war.

War is simply a thought that manifests itself in physical reality and is proven in our streets. It comes from their own thoughts as the ultimate way to present our own frustration when we do not get what we want. This is the evocation of the ego, which proves the absence of the cause. It demonstrates the individual and his dissatisfaction with himself and not with the imagined enemy. The only enemy with which mankind is unique. It depicts one of the mirrored images that shows itself, and has shown a strong desire to go somehow into the rejected part of himself. Your enemy is your rejected self, your part you do not want to deal with. The part that does not listen to your cause. Your part who knows it is another way.

Mankind had traditionally thought that once he killed the enemy, he would vanish forever. This idea is at best naïve. No soul will be lost and those you want to destroy and conquer will be between your children and your companions. Life changes, but can never be destroyed. Like the email, it just comes and comes.

Because mankind has all the features of a creator, it immediately has access to all its properties. If by nature we are peaceful, we can physically show you if you are peaceful. Peace is just a concept. They do not show in bulk, but they are repeated and repeated repeatedly on the street. Peace is a personality like war and shares all other aspects with you. Some of the sugar applied to a purified water will change the total amount of water.

If humanity requires 365 days of struggle, deliberation, and negotiation to make a day of peace, when we start it, it will take approx. 133,255 years will be 365 days of peace. There is evidence that man has lived for millions of years on earth, not just for the tens of thousands of years he has often taken. Still, the best thing we could do, one day.

The only truth is to experience peace because mankind is talking about it. It is not proof of peace, but of war. Humanity keeps the war alive if it is against it. Next time, there would be no weapon if every man and woman had only thought about peace at that moment.

War is the source of the most common contact not for everyone, and we are the brothers' brother because we are our brothers. Peace can be found in the middle of the war as you are on the verge of death, starvation or torture. Peace comes when you decide to experience it.

Although there are inequalities in the world (acquired and indispensable), peace is still a state of mind that has little to do with these things. The body should always choose to live in peace or war. The body can experience war, but the soul does not.

Humanity now finds itself in the same position as it has repeatedly done. His technology has advanced enough to wipe the whole life of the world. There is no need for traditional warfare and a small sprouting of germs is capable of trickery. There is no safe shelter because the enemy always goes with you. You can not kill that part of the war that you want, and the enemy has a long memory.

Christmas is not a good time to think about peace. Prayers, faith, trust, and hope are things that do not bring us peace, they can not. They all happen in the future, all deny that there is peace now and they all lose the personal responsibility of everyone and everyone to live in peace. We bring peace to God, Jesus, Alara, Mohammed, President, Parents, Fate or anyone else and completely deny the one who can do this.

out to create it. This was when we proclaimed in our church, church, synagogue, and hall that we were unworthy of being less than the one who created us and when he denied our relationship with the source, others, and our environment.

If you can prove that what you now believe is that you have reached the desired level of peace, there is no reason to change it. But if you want more peace then you have to change your mind now. You have to think about peace and say you want to experience it. Introduce peace to your physical life by taking everything you do. Talk to the conversation and walk along the walk. Do not live for peace for others, but for yourself. Do not wait for the peacefulness of others as you have been waiting for thousands of years. Never look behind you to see others followed, you're going around. Do not make yourself peaceful, but show me. Know peace because this is what you want, warlike, because that is what you want.

Do not be ashamed, do not force yourself in peace unless you are what you want because it does not. Do not deny yourself, do not report it and you are what you are, not what it is against. Do not lie; you are worthy of being peace or war. War and peace are the same, just at different points of the bot. Peace can not exist without war or visa, but there is a choice for the one you want to experience. Do not deny the existence of war, or do not squeeze it again, simply decide it is not worth it.

If you're a war, be peaceful in your presence. Raise yourself to the position of a quiet observer, which is another part of you. You will smile for love and empathy and look down on the fight, you place yourself as a researcher watching the mouse in a labyrinth. After a while, you will not experience terrestrial events like one or the other. You will understand the relationship and life becomes easier for you. You will not object to anything, but for everything because you will understand the purpose of your experience.

You will love yourself again



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