Peace or move

Be Peace on Earth and let me go with me,

Be peace on earth, the peace that is intended.

With God as our Father, Brothers We Are All,

Let me go with my brother in perfect harmony.

Let me peace with me, let this be the moment.

Every step I take, let this be my solemn vow.

Every moment to seize and live forever in every moment of peace.

Have peace on earth and let me go with me.

Sooner or later, human beings will decide on this beautiful blue and green planet that peace is at the same time a function of a human mind. Whether God is your Father, Allah, Jesus, or Buddha, the human mind, in turn, in agreement, must change for good and cooperate with a deer, knowing that if religion does not reveal then quantum physics can. We are all the same and all are divided into the same thing. All the atoms of the body spent the planet in all other forms of life and humankind, and today they penetrate some of the same as leaders in the world and the poorest of the poor even a few weeks or a year ago.

All the atoms that make up our bodies are born in the firing of stars, and physically today our bodies are not made up of material seven years ago. The skin is every thirty days new. Your blood is new every three months. Your organs are new every year, and all you have to do is to keep ourselves as the new one can replace the old ones. Be nice if a bad liver disappears in a year, but the form of wickedness remains and replaces the bad. If this is good, it will replace goodness and health. Obviously and literally, on this planet, all of us sharing one and the same, borders, tongues and religion, but not all of them are one and the same thing.

Peace begins in all hearts and souls, and not something you demand from others before you demand it. Everyone … look at me! You look at me? Put the fucking weapons down. Look at your face as "your enemies". Look at their kids. Look at wives, partners, and relatives. Listen to their hopes and dreams and see how they cry like you when shit sucks your fans, which you might be carrying.

If I have to figure out that we are actually human, I say that pure awareness is in a limited five-sensed carbon-based garments that is a way of real "self", see "what is reality. how to see and see many frequencies, hear and experience, so we need to understand that we do not see what we see. Sometimes I remember myself when I started to have a clear conscious awareness of this experience and looked through this eye to work there that is not really there when you understand.Everything that looks out there is a frequency interpreting film that goes through one or all of the five senses.You are in your head and it seems to be there.Or like a man he said, and he can think a lot, "whatever the tree is, it is not green." Green is the color, the frequency of reflective light works for our brain, it became an electrical signal and passed through the retina into the brain. Frequencies are like making movies into theater, playing them, and giving the sample what is there. Although the game is here. Cool hm?

Do not forget the question of a tree falling in the woods and nobody's hearing it. I thought this was a joke like a kid, but the answer is no, it does not sound. This causes frequency waves. The sound only occurs when the waves penetrate the ears of the sensuous animals, and from waves to electrical signals, which is heard as a sound. All this is in the head. The world before it reaches our ears is silent. The world before it reaches our eyes is indefinite without color or shape. And because what we call touch is actually the resistance that our fingers feel to the things touched in our fingers, we never touch anything. The feel of touch is touching the force. You and I have never "touched" something in our lives. We felt the pressure not to touch them. Like the two positive ends of the magnet. We feel the force and the "touch" but do not touch unless they are forced and even if they literally do not touch. Perhaps if we really touched it, we exploded at the atomic level about the thing we touched.

The fact that we are actually all of us are the same thing. It has nothing to do with religion where it grew up on the planet or the hatred that you and I learned for those who are not like us. After people can understand, we are all the same, there are only very few differences between the melanin level and some small DNA switches to the differences between the outer forms, maybe we can move forward.

Recognizing that we are all one or the same part, we can put an end to the tension we all experience on the planet. Leaders could stop demons, smell and scare hell out of us if they first knew this. Perhaps it is a good thing to talk about straightness before talking about one side, either from the other side or the other side destroying them. If all people share 99.6% of a chimpanzee's DNA, Catholics and Protestants, Jews and Pagans, Hi and Suns may be just a little closer to each other. Maybe we do not suspect in some cases. I suspect that the Middle Eastern desolation is a pure family that came close to her close relatives. They are all one … ONE! Put on the rogue weapons, knives, RPGs, bombs, and contradictory religious memes, and look at each other's face. We are all one of you, NOT ONE TO YOU. Jerk!

We would learn this lesson in one way or another. We can "accomplish" through intelligent leadership, which means that most of the planet's leaders should abandon and substitute teachers instead of those who think they know everything and can turn everything into personal benefits. This does not mean that "my god can kick the donkey of God". The whole Old Testament is a jealous God story that obeys everyone's obedience to obedience, and the New Testament for Christians is the story of the kind, gentler Son of the Kick ass, which encourages people to turn the other face. Somewhere along the line, one god noticed that all of us and some of them were the same. The gods are evolving in human understanding.

We need peace. Peace between peoples and peoples peace, so that everyone can prosper. We need sympathy, and those who are unable to do so with others will simply have to consider the duration of their influence. Come to work and honestly estimate your millions and then use some to really help the rest of ONE that are related to you know or not.

Religious leaders of fat women need to get out of our bunker and introduce their "knowledge" to the line. Do not walk around among your friends who promise blessing and blessing to choirs. Become among your enemies and learn from them. Do not tell them what you think. Ask them what they think, then share their opinions and remind each other of what's "everything". Do not buy a gun or use bodyguards. Believe in the message of positive awareness. If you die, you get someone who does not poke the crowds and communicate better. Or, if you really worry, you can send someone who has not been so miserable with the past and enjoys the ability to teach reconciliation, where obviously only the pot can be mixed with Jesus, YHVH, or Allah.

We're all human. Directly to the atoms in our bodies that were shared with stars, dinosaurs, Neanderthals and Princess Welsh. I'm glad to say that the evil axis and the leader's atoms of the organization confuse and share one, so the mentality of "us vs. theirs" is false. We are and you are.

I know that if ever there is peace on earth then you really have to start with me and us and with them. Not really different. The only part of the universe that gave the limited, five perceived coal-based toaletted consciousness was given the chance to learn everything and move toward things that are common to all and not to the chosen people. Add a few hundred more modes to your eyesight than now and remove the filters we've installed so we do not see what we do not want to see and experience enough.



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