Peace Regime – Peace back in style?

Peace mark is 50 years this year. Originally, the symbol of rebellion against settlements seems to have become increasingly symbol of youth and fashion.

The creator of this sign was Gerald Holtom's British artist, a conscientious protester during World War II. He wrote his own work: "I was in despair." Deep Mind: A representative of a desperate individual, palming outward and downward, Goya's peasant before the shooting. one line and circle around. "The first public appearance of the symbol in 1958 was a London peace test, and this was the logic of the nuclear decommissioning campaign or the CND, Holtom never protected the copyright.

My dead died in 1985. The symbol of the fashion industry use her for the autumn season.Women's clothes daily reports that Barney New York will use the peace symbol and other views of the 60's fashion show, the label being "Peace and Love: a Hippie Holiday." Erika Dahl of Boulder, Colorado Savvy, according to the peace symbol everywhere this autumn, even the retailer The goal is to sell a new line of Brazilian jewelry by the artist of the New York-based Dean Harris accessories

The symbol of peace everywhere appears.The Olympic gold medal winner Shawn Johnson earrings Michelle Obama & The Peace Symbols I saw this summer wearing tees, shorts, bags and more, resurgence decision The DNC has been shown by foam ribbons and bumper stickers and commodities transform O Owen. Indeed, the current social and economic climate seems to be conducive to returning to the peace and environmental movements of the sixties.

Of course, the peace signal is still more than a fashion show for many. Some are still symbols of peace, some rebellion. Popularity will be rolling over and flowing in the coming years, but it will never die completely. For me, its beauty is the hope of simplicity and hope for a better world. Long live this life and dream of all of us dream. Perhaps at the age of 100, the human race has learned to live together and take care of our planet, our common home.



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