Peace Robbers – Identify those little tails that kill peace

What can you take away from your peace of mind? There are small foxes to be taken care of if you want to be in constant peace. These foxes, if they are not insane, are capable of destroying anything they can throw away. Therefore, the most important thing is to identify and treat them.

Take us the foxes, the little foxes that spoil the grapes, because our grapes have gentle grapes. – Song of Solomon 2:15 (NKJV)

I leave peace with you; My [own] peace I give and inherit to you. I will not give you the world. Do not let your hearts interfere, do not be afraid. [Stop allowing yourselves to be agitated and disturbed; and do not permit yourselves to be fearful and intimidated and cowardly and unsettled.] – John 14:27 (AMP)

The Son of God has given you peace of mind by Jesus, but you must diligently keep your heart away from everything that may cause a problem. The cause for peace is not Jesus, the prince of peace. Whatever is meant to get your attention out of Jesus is to seek peace. Therefore, you must make sure that you deny that these little foxes have access to your heart. 1. Love of Money

Money is good, but if you do it before God, it will be devastating. When money is your god, you take control of your life. You have lost your priorities; nothing else matters to you. For example, your relationship, your family does not become important, which ultimately results in family or relationship breakdown.

Your mind is so busy how to make this money, stressing that it will have a negative effect on your health.

2. Debating

Fighting is a common little fox that will dissipate people's calm. There can be no disputes and peace at the same time. It must be allowed for the other. After the strife has entered, peace goes away.

3. The problem of life

Concern about what you eat, drink or copy or pay bills, etc. Anxiety has no record of solving problems, but of complex problems. Yes, you will do everything within your power to solve the problem, but make sure you do not go through the anxiety. Let God take care of the challenge.

4. Fear

Fear has not made peace. Damage, or unknown, etc. It is fearful of the mind and slowing down the development. Fear tells us, "God is set aside, you can not solve the problem." Fear focuses on Jesus and puts it on the challenge. He blames his heart and breaks his calm.

5. Low self-esteem

Low self-esteem shakes his heart. This will affect your relationships and insecurity and efficiency. You must see yourself as God sees you: you are doing fearfully and wonderfully, you are the head, not the tail, just above and below it. God created you for a king, and you will reign over the earth.

Do not let the lies of the enemy steal the peace, do not let the people's opinion to shape. Blessed be with God's statement, and your self-esteem is greatly improved.

6. Unfulfilled expectations

Many times people do not realize their expectations, they tend to lose their peace of mind. People may not be able to meet their expectations, or the hearts of their desire have not been fulfilled. Whatever the case, we must not allow our unfulfilled expectations to kidnap their peace. There is a need for patience to receive heart desires.

7. The absence of spirituality

The lack of spirituality takes away the peace. Living in the body removes the emphasis from Jesus, the Prince of Peace. To walk in the body is to get into the world's challenges. The physical mind is hostile to God, so he can not know the paths of peace and can not follow them. Evil

An evil heart can not be uneasy. God condemned the wicked and said no peace to them. Evil is the devil and the peace of God: Both do not go together.

Turn away from the ways of evil, and peace will come back to you

. Disobedience

To love obeying God's commands. Disobedience to God and his word is another small fox that will abate your calm. The Prince of Peace is kept away from you. Obedience distinguishes you as the child of God and entices God's blessing, which includes peace.

10. Children's Irregular Behavior

Uncontrolled children are always a cause for concern for their parents, society and the world as a whole. The insecurity of the world is mainly attributable to the undisciplined behavior of juveniles. So imagine your children, and they will relax in the future.

In summary, though these little foxes are able to abduct their rest, they can stop their activity in your life. He looks diligently and frankly to identify which little fox steals peace and slaughters.



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