Peace Runeword – Why Do You Want To Slow Rockets And Recall Valkyries To Help You Fight (part 1)

Peace is one of the seven armored Runewords that came out with patch 1.11. Each of the seven armored Runewords was considered one of the seven Diablo 2 classes. Peace is the armor Runeword designed for the Amazon. This is one of the cheapest armor Runewords of the week, as all three runees come from common Runes. In addition, perhaps the armor, which is most relevant to other classes, especially melee classes, is due to a +2 critical blow.


Level Requirement: 29

4% Random Hand Level 5 Slow Rockets

3 Socket Body Armor

Runes (ok): Shael + Thul + Amn

(19659004) + 20% faster recovery

+2 for critical attack

Cold Resistance + 30%

The attacker will damage the


4% Cast Level 5 Slow Rockets When Blurred

Slow Rockets are the passive and magical abilities of Amazon. This is a very useful ability to slow down any missile attack, whether magical or unbelievable, with 33% of its original speed, making it easier for Amazone or any of its party members to avoid it. 19659004] Level 5 Slow Rockets last for 36 seconds, so the best way to go to a group of attackers is to shoot them in slow-motion rocket launchers and capture all of them in a 13.3-meter radius. Alternatively, if you are playing a long distance attacker, you can attack remotely and gain even greater protection against the attacker's fatal outcome.

2% chance to transfer to level 15 Valkyrie On Striking

Valkyrie is a powerful ability for Amazon's Passive and Magical Abilities. Powerful spearmen Amazon, or Valkyrie to fight on your side, is like a mercenary, but stronger. [15] Level 15 Valkryrie is very strong and can counterbalance the enemy zone, Significant damage in the vicinity.

This is a great way for melee characters to make Valkryie like a second stronger Merc. It works well for Amazon, unless it has invested more than 15 points in Valkyrie Skill and its synergy skills. If that is the case, then I do not like to drop my own, stronger Valkryrie because it's the mod. However, with only 2% chance of launching On Striking, some Amazons may think of other modes of Peace.



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