Peace Sign Fashion

Hey, is this a flower for your dad?

RETAIL SHOPPING – 2009: Peace signs are a great success. Everywhere blooms.

Spring – 2009 – and the question was heard – so what's hot? Not that there was a lot of plastic and cash to think about. Let's face it, we all felt we pressed our wallets. In a sense, we've come back a little bit.

So how could that be a bit fun? Do you enjoy shopping – even if we have considered our budget backwards?

Take a look at current fashion trends. Peace Registry Jewelry HOT! SOROS HOT! During the interview with the television, when the models and the stars are wearing, the customers in the local shopping center will return peacefully.

What about the 1970s tie? You remember the Volkswagen bugs with hand-painted daisies, peace signs and GROOVY words. Well, give it back or not, it feels better. And let the face of us who does not want to feel a little better.

Peace marks, from the beginning, humble beginnings in the early sixties to prevent the proliferation of nuclear weapons a few years later, and in Woodstock's days when people gathered to express the desire for peace and harmony in our hearts through our world – shape and size represent a better place.

Today you can find clothes and posters, furniture, bedding, fancy jewelery and car badges. It is proud to show you a deep roaming desire to do better things. All of us must strive together to come together, work together and achieve this desired peace.

And let us follow those who follow this message and take note of our wonderful planet, the extremely limited resources of our home. Al Gore (Vice President, Citizens, Educator and Nobel Prize winner) helped us understand that we need to change. It simply indicated the insight – an unpleasant truth – that we hardly need to change our paths. We live on a planet with finite resources; and it must stop the abuse.

So many people are involved in exploring ground defense, so we are looking for a better world – a peaceful world. It is time to take responsibility for the world we live in and change. We all desire a cleaner world and a peaceful coexistence. Imagine that you no longer have to remove your shoes before boarding a plane; or the passage of metal detectors and official control. Several generations may take, but you have to start.

Our peace, our wrists, our T-shirts, our cars and the rest of the Peace Army are more than fashion – a better tomorrow. They are hopeful. So stand. Go ahead and do not do the fashionable peace mark necklace and have a few lines to ride the funny circle. Accept your promise and let it change the spring of 2009. Contribute to a greater conscience of man – and we all look for a better coexistence – a world that provides peace and courage.

Most of us are difficult economic times, but we can and will do it together. Indeed, in the last fifty years, our world and our global community have become much smaller; he was much closer to him.

Many years ago, a singularly talented, looking and talented individual who drew our attention. So today, in this new spring of 2009, let's take John Lennon's words. All of us "BUY THE PEACE OF PEACE".



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