Peace That Outperforms Understanding

Peaceful waters and green meadows of Psalm 23 serve as a graphic illustration of Jesus' peace. The shepherd provided all the needs of the sheep. He brought them to a place where they grew up in the green grass and drank in the cool waters of a quiet river. He provided protection from wild animals.

The shepherds would look for a place where they would be protected for the night. It would look for natural looks, such as large rocks on three sides of the narrow gates. She would lie down at the entrance, if the beasts attacked the sheep, she would be above her dead body.

Jesus is the Good Shepherd. It satisfies every need. He promised to be with us always and to secure our needs (MT 6:33). As he commanded the storm to stay (MK 4:39), he calms the storms in our lives.

We are in serious trouble when we become part of the guilty of the world. He warns us and does a good job for us to do, it will please the Father (EPH 2:10).

We can solve the difficulties of life. We can keep busy schedules and survive the hard knock of life. Stress, nervous tensions, health, financial, and other concerns worry our hearts. It is the sin that begins because we are weak and can not help that repels us.

The Good Shepherd says, "Take heed, your sins are forgiven" (MT 9: 2). He forgives our sins when we are in the light (1Jo 1: 7). Paul gives us advice: "Do not be angry for anything, but in prayer and thanksgiving in all things, thanksgiving, show your requests to God, and all the peace of God that goes beyond all understanding keeps your hearts and minds in Christ Jesus" (Php 4: 4 -7). Jesus said, "Who can you add to your life for one hour of your worries? Because you can not do this very small thing, why are you worried about the others (LK12: 25-26)?"

Peace of God preserves our hearts and minds if we put our full trust in Jesus Christ. Ensure our needs if we first seek our kingdom. He is convinced that concern concerns only frustration. People can not cope with worry. Give your problems to Jesus and leave them there. It will alleviate our stress and worry if we only take his word.

As the shepherd assured the needs of the sheep, Jesus, the Good Shepherd, assures all our needs. We can free up worry, stress and nervous moments. We are free to enjoy the unlimited resources he provides us in this world. We can live in the fullness of life.

Worldly people struggle with frustration, hatred and hostility, because they have not known the path of peace (Rev 3:17). Jesus does not give as the world gives, it gives peace (John 14:27). Review the New Testament and discover how many times the word "peace" appears. This is the Christian way. The world continues its paths, hatred and murder. Christians can have peace because Jesus defeats the world (Jn 16:33).



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