Peace That Passes All Interpretations – Tips for Peace in Heavy Time

Peace, what is it?

Peace is an inexplicable inner silence that leaves the mind and mind in perfect rest, even in the midst of a strong struggle. The ability to find and maintain inner silence is lost art in a fast-paced world with neon lights and four-way multi-tasking.

What are the root causes of peace-keeping?

The opposite of inner peace is anxiety or anxiety. These are the three kinds of fear: the fear of excessive pain, the fear that there is no control and the capture of fear. Excessive pain is a relative term because every person has different pain thresholds. Fear of pain refers to physical or emotional pain or both. In this imperfect world we live in, there are many emotional and physical pains. As a result, physical overdose is anxiety in our lives, and accordingly the lack of inner constancy or peace.

The second kind of fear is the insecurity that it does not control. We are sorry for human beings that we are worried about things outside our control. We believe that we know the best and we want to stick to each other's business. So our heart is overwhelmed by the world's concern and we are unable to know the perfect peace of mind in the core of our being.

The third fear is the fear of being caught. Our soul is guilty of guilt by mistake.

How do I find peace?

The first step to experience a deep inner peace is to deal with the various fears that reflect our minds and souls. This means we are not participating in practices that make us feel shameful or guilty. This also means that tension is suppressed because of things we can not control.

Second, to experience peace, you have to take some time out of the wrath of life. This means that you turn off the stereo and TV and set the time and be silent.

Third, meditate on life. Allow yourself to see the big picture and that each part of his life fits into the great systems of things. Try to see things as they are. I'm currently helping a team in a small baseball team. I wonder how important coaches, parents and players are playing at the end of the game. It's as if the world is going to break if their team loses the game. They are frightened of something that has little or no meaning. The trick is to assign a value corresponding to each activity. When parents see fun more, they win, they are less likely to come up with the result.

Fourth, he contacts the Living God who created the heavens and the earth. Pray with him in faith in your heart, and he promises to give you the peace that surpasses all understanding.

Peace is an inexplicable inner silence that leaves the mind and mind in perfect rest, even in the midst of a strong struggle. Do you experience such peace today?



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