"I leave peace with you, I give you my peace: not as the world gives, I will give to you, do not let your hearts disturb or not be afraid." John 14:27.

There has never been an example when battles did not hate somewhere in our world. According to Jesus, wars and rumors will be on the return of wars. Until then, though the universal cry of humanity for peace, there is no peace. The Apostle Paul was negative in the world that he achieved peace without Jesus Christ. Thus he wrote, "For when they say, Peace and security, they suddenly die to them as the church bearing the child, and they will not escape" (1 Thessalonians 5: 3).

The scriptures speak of several categories of peace.

first The aforementioned peace refers to the elimination of warring inter-national hostilities. Fragile peace, which depends on the propensity of politicians and rulers. International organizations, such as the United Nations, have sought to pass on these willingness to peace. Every sad failure, because every future attempt to achieve peace will be without Jesus Christ. These failures are to achieve a constant international peace that would deceive humanity in accepting the Antichrist.

2nd The second category of peace is that of individuals. For those who follow Jesus Christ, this is a peace deed, containing a mandate. In the letters of Jesus, in chapter 12, verse 14, Paul's apostle writes: "Follow the peace with all men and holiness, without which no one sees the Lord." This believing peacemaker maintains that we have a holy relationship with others, both believers and unbelievers.

3rd The third category of peace is the peace of God. It is a supernatural peace that God gives them to those who pray with him. This is God's own peace, inexplicable even to those who experience it. Paul the Apostle described this peace beyond the understanding of human peace. "Do not be cautious of anything, but in all things by prayer and prayer and thanksgiving let yourselves be conveyed to God, keep him with His words and minds by Jesus Christ (Philippians 4: 6-7) 4. The peace of God is the last category of peace, which deals with this short article: this peace determines the status of God after having ceased all men when he accepted Jesus Christ as the only mediator between God and men. " Therefore, in faithful faith, there is peace with God through our Lord Jesus Christ "(Romans 5: 1)." Because there is God and a mediator between God and men, man is Jesus Christ. "(1 Timothy 2: 5)

As far as world peace is concerned, the human race ignores reality while humanity is in peace with God, true peace continues to overcome them, the prince of peace, to enjoy the blessings of world peace. Josh (JoSephPerrello)



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