Perfection promotes development, peace and enjoyment

It's easy to forget about your goal to succeed. We seem to have packed this way to forget the real causes of the awakening. Life has only one purpose; and this is the goal of LIFE. In life, we can choose between progress and stagnation, peace and war; and choose joy or suffering. But these elections; and you have to choose. Not selected is still a choice.

But many choices are delayed, avoided or not at all because things are not "just true". Perfectionism is a kind of delay; and pull things out. Perfection is not based on the joyful expression of a "gift and gift"; Perfectionism is a constant search and focuses on what is missing or what is "still wrong". Perfection is the poison for the soul; and this is the opponent of development, growth and true joy.

Intentional expression, art and creativity are happy experiences that some people find, but imitate many. The artist / creator / innovator is a deep love, or deeply needed to express a concrete thing – not the "fiddled-with" of the initial inspiration. The artist / creator / innovator does not give any audiences to the critics; since critics and word-makers are rarely a key element of the process, and more often than not, are just confusing, humiliating, rejectioning, passers-by, scammers, if you want.

Perfectionists, however, spend all their time thinking of "critics". they are the greatest critics themselves. Every step made by the perfectionist is based on output – a product that is "judged". What starts as an inspiration deserves work. The road is cumbersome; and the creative process is painful – like a long, protracted labor and complicated labor compared to fast and easy delivery. The adventurer is on the journey; and as such, it is always moving forward – it always serves as a target. The perfecting party from what lies ahead – the abolition of inevitability as long as they are prepared as much as humanly possible.

Every creator has a creator who wants to express himself without limiting fears and beliefs; listen to that sound. Go for it; to express his true self. Go away what you know; and if you do not "succeed" first, get the "successfully" feedback you've gathered and try again – and repeat it as you entertain and enjoy what you are doing. Great pleasure, like great innovation, is rarely a big concern. You can not have fun or have fun while worrying about the consequences.



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