Permanent Foundations for Mobile Homes – HUD 7584 PFGMH Manufactured Housekeeping Guide

When you buy or sell a manufactured / mobile home, the loan included in the real estate transaction will be a multiple FHA or VA loan. However, FHA and VA will only finance the loan if it can prove that the home base is a permanent foundation.

But what is a "permanent basis" and where do I find a proper definition? Well, you can find the definition of the 7584 HUD. The definition is quite extensive and focuses primarily on professional engineers.

HUD 7584 is the so-called HUD Permanent Foundation Guidelines for Manufactured Homes or PFGMH. This is published by the Housing and Urban Development Department of the United States of America (HUD). This 400-page manual is for the new construction of homemade homelands manufactured. If it has an existing basis and requires a permanent foundation certificate, the existing permanent foundation must comply with the PFGMH's intention.

PFGMH does not intend to comply and is in accordance with PFGMH's intent. Only a professional engineer can make that decision.

In the simplest definition, the permanent foundation is usually made of a base that prevents birds and water, feet and piers (such as snow and live loads), lateral loads such as wind or earthquake and other considerations

The reason why a professional engineer must determine whether or not it is fixed is because security issues deal with a structure that houses people. Professional engineers have training and education backgrounds to determine whether the foundation is secure and habitable, as well as "permanent" defined by the HUD.



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