Permanent peace

Lasting peace is the ultimate goal of free society. It can not succeed in replacing anything, and the most important goal should be to protect someone who really enjoys it. In addition to the pursuit and preservation of peace, the unspoken position must be preserved at all costs. Peace is always to be protected against those who choose to spread fear and intolerance. The opponents of calm should not be relieved of the fear that the peace-loving societies and cultures will defeat militarily. Anyone standing beside harmony never deserves the opportunity to spread to others for the main elements of divisions and supremacy that lead to the beginning of the conflict.

What would intimidate the peace-loving society when their citizenship would allow the true enemies of peace to continue their attacks, not against the hostile enemy. Anyone who opposes the defeat of such individuals is the same obstacle to the repetition of calm than those who sadly hate the peace-loving countries. War is never chosen by free and peaceful countries, this is what is essential to continue the ideas of equality and independence. Free and peace-loving countries do not unduly attack other countries and do not enjoy the enjoyment of leaders. Conflicts stem from lack of tolerance, which means disruption of the most beloved things.
One can not survive the rivals' wishes and hopes of rivaling by giving their demands. How does security come from showing the weaknesses of its enemies? A war really did not achieve a peaceful, durable solution through dialogue. It loses the absolute defeat and death of its enemies to ensure that the current conflict no longer puts its head for months or years. Was the struggle for independence ended if we did not try to fight the British, but were we trying to win the northeastern part? After receiving one or two colonies, why do not the British continue to fight to take the others back? If he shows that he is unwilling to take the war needed, he will provide more support to his enemies than to check them.

When conflicts come, then competitors must be in total loss as quickly as possible. All the weapons you have at your disposal to crush the opponents of calm will show the world what happens to those who want to break the peace. Long-lasting wars cause excessive anger among countries, so it is much harder to fix resolution than the initial problem. In order to alleviate the internal opposition in this struggle, the responsible nations must have firm guidance on the initiation of hostilities based on the fundamental principles of the nation. As an example, logically, a free and peaceful loving society has a duty to defend these ideas everywhere in the world, ruthlessly stopping all the forces that are ready to stand in opposition to such beliefs. In the place of such legislation, no country can be accused of its own nationals against the "electoral war".

It is a sad place in the world that our country is dealing with. The strongest and most advanced nation is not afraid and there is no problem in countries that still deny citizens the freedom. America should be the protector of freedom of the world and freedom worldwide. We must use our strength and our power to bring freedom and peace to the people of other countries. No country that is ready to invest in the quest for freedom is doubtful that the country's strongest country supports them. This nation must be ready, willing and able to defend itself and every other free country against all threats of collective freedom. Instead, when rivals declare their intentions to kill us or an ally every day, we sit and watch as if the fear is parallel. Instead of taking advantage of this opportunity to present the world to our peaceful and free happiness, we continue to preserve the existence of each other.



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