Phosphate Permits, Altman Tract, Manatee County Florida

West-central flamacy is home to the mega-mining phosphate industry. This area is also rich in the only ecosystem of its kind worldwide. This is one of the reasons for this unique ecosystem that Florida has many visitors every year. Billions of dollars are brought to the state through tourism, because Florida is the only state that does not have a tropical climate in Hawaii (3). However, the officials of the phosphate industry intend to completely eliminate the unique ecosystems of West Central Florida in the ground phosphate.

Recently, news about environmental damage caused by the Florida Phosphate industry has spread to Central Florida. The news is local, but it does not seem to find national coverage. It is interesting that, when criminal offenses (offenses) are committed against offenses against crime, industry officials indicate strong armed tactics.

Manatee County, Florida with the financial strength of the phosphate industry's armed tactics and a number of other daily observable people who are looking for. The Manatee County Commissioners are now aware of the (financial) pressure that phosphate industry officials may employ more than $ 600 million (2) litigation threats. Industry Manatee County Court is court to refuse badly required permits, as the Florida Department of the Environment stated that industrial design reports did not provide accurate information, a clear renovation plan, and the necessary financial assurance that the site was properly mined recovered. 19659002] Officials of the phosphate industry have become accustomed to it, even if it is environmentally intact for Florida nationals. This means destroying the financial frauds of the industry as you like, where anyone can be denied permission. Historically, the officials of the phosphate industry are financially bullied, anybody who opposes their position on status quo.

Officials of the phosphate industry insist that Altman Tract (1) in Manatee County is mined on 2048 hectares. This neighborhood lies along the adjacent, adjacent landscape, located in the basin of the River Basin, near the untouched waters of the Horse Creek, which accounts for about fifteen percent of the normal flow to the Lower Peace River. All this endangers Charlotte Harbor in Florida, risking local sites that cost hundreds of millions of dollars a year.

At the same time, Charlotte County officials are discussing the phosphate industry. This is important because Hardee County is in the neighborhood of Manatee County, Florida. Unfortunately, the Charlotte officials have been injected with phosphate and are now working on board with industry officials and reluctantly issuing licenses for areas that have been adjacent to giant bare ribbons. The agreement required that more restrictions be imposed on the area mentioned by the Charlotte County officials. The changes required by the Charlotte County do not follow the "status-quo" phosphate industry; so they will see if Mosaic Co.'s officials are going to handle the requests. Historically, officials in the Florida phosphate industry do not like to change the status quo, but the industries now have benefits.

However, litigation proceeds to a significant increase in the mining of phosphate tapes in Central Florida. Mosaic Company, in this case, has several legal disputes in four central Florida counties, hiring three different law firms, which are based in Tampa, Orlando, and naturally in Tallahassee (capital city). Only two weeks before, Mozaik refused to charge Mosaic Company for $ 617 million at Mosaic Company (more than 2000 hectares).

Manatee County can not compete with Florida's phosphate industry officials. County officials also have financial pressure to threaten the legal struggles and "permit" Mosaic Co. to include 2000 acres of clean, endangered wetlands, resources, rivers, aquifers, marine life and habitats, including animal species.


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