Poems and poems that a loved one scatters at sea

As you satisfy your loved ones with destroyed and scattered desires at the sea, you want close friends and families who are involved in scattering, reading all verses or poems.

Perhaps you want to open the ceremony to something like this: "The feast of our beloved Mother at sea is a perfect place for free,

We're cured that we know he's finally among his loved ones. "

Then all of your family members read the verse you gave them.

Some ideas:

It will not be unique

my comfort comes from the sea.

The silence of pebble waves gently bends

I'll be at the sea.

When the sun passes through the blue ocean,

You remembered me because I will always remember you.

When the sun rises … go to life as much as possible

Far away … you and I … but peace, because I'm free.


Be comfortable

My life here ends in peace with the sea.

The Lord has called me home and I am free

to go peacefully.

Do not mourn for my past as I am now in the presence of the glory of God,

His glorious love is abundant and his promises are real.

Here I wait for you dear ones in the arms of Jesus and take care of you until you come home.

Treat their loved ones.

"I'm going to the open sea on the ground before you come, and the cool ocean breezes blow from me to remember your name."


Parable of Immortality [19659002] I'm on the beach.

A ship crossing my side across the white sails to the morning breeze and departing to the blue ocean.

The object of beauty and power.

I stand and watch, until it's like a white cloud

Point where the sea and the sky are mixed together.

Then someone says, "Go there!"

He went to where?

My vision has disappeared, that's all.

It's as big at mast, hull, and pistol as when he left my side

And just as capable of bearing the burden of live cargo at the destination.

Its reduced size is within me, not in it.

And at the moment when someone on my side says "Go there"

Other eyes are watching it coming

And their voice is ready to take up the joyful shouts,

"Here Comes!"

Henry Van Dyke

In the end, marine scattering is about to say good-bye and create eternal memory to free your loved ones. You have to decide what will help you and the most appropriate people who remember and celebrate the life of this person most.



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