Poor boy – the declamation

Look at me! They belong to the masses … often from the point of view of society often … They can not stop thinking about it … this is also a man … that I feel … why do not you answer? There is something in mind … Why do not you answer? I know you have something in mind … Where is the moral sense? You're killing me as if I wanted trash … I never did anything bad for them! Was it sin when I did when I came to this world as a poor boy? A poor boy … that's what I am … A state I did not choose in the first place. Did I smack that this was born in this way? Tell me now !!! Did you ever have the right to choose the state of your life when you were born? Think!!! Before you condemn me … Do I ever have a choice?

I forgot every chance in life … I see people like being too dirty … too stinky … too poor … but I have a heart … Yes! I have a golden heart … With the release of all coins, grace helps my younger brothers to survive. The money you're looking for has a long way to go to my family … What are you talking about? How do you feed your family ??? Are you sure you are looking for decent jobs? Are you sure the money you have earned does not come from a dirty strategy that other corrupt politicians have done to gain power? Can you honestly look at your children straight to your heart and eye to clear conscience? Have you ever been aware that family money is the result of hard work and decent work that you can always be proud of? WHY IS SPECIALIZED THIRD? WHAT IS ALL OF THEM? Tell!!! Come on, tell me !!!

Huh! You have a good dress, never experienced sleep without the roof, eating good food, enjoying the comfort of life … But, somewhere deep in your head, your conscience escorted … Yes … you will never sleep good … The subconscious in your mind, the conscience of the criminal is still haunted, constantly reminding you of your evil ways … Wow … And you still think you're clear?

Except fresh and clean smell, but deep in your soul … I know it's stinky … Oh … I think the smell passes through your body … Yeah, your soul must burn in hell! And look at me! I'm just a poor boy … I begged sincerely for you, like me, to feed my brothers … to survive, but I never let anyone down. I've never stolen anyone, never used anyone to improve our life … I can sleep well … You know ??? With such kind of conscience, well, I do not think so. You will never sleep well … you have no right to sleep with a loud mind and a light heart …



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