Power and Life

Nobody can love you like him
Nobody knows you feel full and complete except Him
Nobody can guarantee true real performance as he does. Peace and Happiness

(Verse) With his blood, power and wealth, wisdom and strength, and respect,
and glory and blessing

(Pre-Chorus) What is I waiting for? What keeps me from getting back? Why do I ensure I get the best for me?

(Chorus) It is never too late to enjoy life to the fullest
Never too early to receive him

No matter how old you are
No matter how young you are
No matter
No matter what condition you are, whether rich or poor
No matter whether you are a movie star or a gardener
He likes you the same
Intends to be the best of God


Instrumental Bridge / Solo

(Bridge) If I Have A Goal In This Life
If I
If I Want To Live
I Want To Love


] Instrumental Interlude

Nothing can fulfill me except Jesus
Nothing can bring peace except Christ
Nothing can give me the infinite love except the Lord

(Children's Chorus). Or
I was attracted to know him
I completed his Blood
Neither the Oscar Prize nor the MTV Music Award can give me a real lasting fulfillment
All possible through Christ. who strengthens me
I found true freedom in him to be and keep everything
I know forever that I live in heaven
My name is God's Hall of Celebrities for Earth's Commandments

Our Father Who in heaven
your name is consecrated.
Your country is coming,
your will is done,
on earth as it is in heaven
Give us our present bread.
And forgive us our sins,
as we forgive those who are offensive to repentance.
And don't lead us into temptation
but save us from evil.
For your kingdom,
is power and glory
forever and forever.

I'm Blessed
I am Christ
I can do everything with Christ
Nothing can bring peace except the Lord



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