Power Point

We all want to fly over the storm of life, and that's possible, but we know the Power Point. There will always be storms, but you can decide to stay on the ground, fight with them, or untie the natural law of gravity regulating the Earth's constraint when you raise and leave the ground under its storms.

Your personal power is the point when you ascend and start ascending based on your circumstances on the clear blue sky above the clouds. It's all different for us, this is the breakthrough point on the clouds and often changes from day to day. So, how do you know what the Power Point is? Here are some clues.

This is the point you are facing with your biggest fear. This is the moment when you decide that fear is no longer able to paralyze you. If you have to go ahead with the fear of digging behind your back then you will. This Power Point is the courage. This is when it becomes real unbeatable.

This is the point when you let go of this ancient anger. When he begins to see that the lack of forgiveness does not poison himself, only you, and you realize that no matter how bad you are, the despicable anger transforms your heart into stone, it rises.

This is the point that gives you control and starts trusting what you know of the Truth. Very few of us are actually incomplete in the knowledge of Truth – we just deny that we live with it, but we think it seems to be the simple way. Insist on truth, recognize and commit yourself to your own life accordingly, and you will not be able to keep up from ascension.

This is the point where you acknowledge and accept your goal and mission, and enter your whole heart. When you realize that your life is not a coincidence and there is a reason why you are here, a job, your power point becomes your driving passion.

This is the point at which you aim for visions and your dreams. His vivid visions are willing to risk being able to take over everything and get into the air beyond those who are still stuck for comfort and ease of life.

This is the point when you realize that you do not need to know everything, learn everything, or understand everything before you soar. It's enough to know that the laws of the elevator work in each case. You do not have to wait for business aviation until you fully understand how it works. That's enough to know.

This is the point you allow yourself to love freely, give yourself away and do not expect anything in return. And this is the point when the needs and concerns of others become personal problems.

This is where you decide to work flawlessly, regardless of what everyone else is doing or how it looks, the point at which your character becomes clear.

This is the point where you can make a quality decision and you will not live longer and start living the point where you look at your motive based on your purpose and mission and willing to change yourself and no one else. This is the moment when you assume the responsibility and removes the word from the vocabulary.

Getting your life on your personal life, relationships, and career. You can turn your engines to whatever you need and you can still start running on the runway. But until you find this powerpoint, you will not go anywhere, and you will never lift or feel the comfort to look at the earth to move, to benefit as you point to the infinite sky.

His greatest potential is at his personal Power Point. Designed to soar. To feel the earth connection, start today to determine what brakes your power and then take the necessary steps to get rid of it. If you are soaking up and experiencing the thrill of over-storm operation, do not forget those who are tied to the ground. There is a secret; do not be stingy. Find someone who gets stuck and helps them out of the ground!

Consider the following line of simple rules. Live with them; working with them every day, and do not be fooled by simple simple confusion. Powerpoints are rarely easy, but they are almost always easy.

5 Simple Rules Live:

Live Simply.

Free your hatred of hate.

Free your mind from troubles.

Give more.

I'm waiting for you and less from others.

Call to Action: We love to hear from you! What were your powers of power and how did you experience lifting? Email your experience in this area. We would like to encourage other readers of our story. If you like, it will be anonymous. But keep in mind that another point is sharing power with the truths you learned and experienced yourself.

All this is just a good thing!

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