Prediction – 2016-2018 The beginning of a serious financial crisis

Could the United States and the rest of the world have a determined financial crisis that could even destroy the latest economic downturn, which is worst since the Great Depression?

As a focus on international politics / economic issues and earthquakes, and more on individuals and business counseling, separate, highly off-putting cyclical timing patterns have been observed several times since the 1990s (negative or positive extremes are light) in the numerous lists of countless people and organizations that will in the future warn us for a certain amount of time.

We have been saying for years that we believe that the 2016-2018 period is the beginning of a surviving financial crisis, perhaps worse than the 2000/2001 stock market crash and the 2008-2009 credit crunch. The culmination of financial markets and economic escalation appears to be the highest in 2016, with a huge backlog of 2016 and then 2018, but probably even in 2017.

is easier to assess individuals' financial prospects for financial markets, corporate entities, entire economies, and so on. in terms of; some of the economic worries are worse than others and the extent is reflected in the unique comprehensive tables, including the control and balance of our analytical systems. The red flag of 2016-201-2018 has appeared several times in many charts to draw our attention.

Please note that, in our opinion, we take seriously, predictions must list all public predictions – those that have been found incorrectly and correctly on their website. Nobody is 100% accurate, but it is clear to note their success and failure. Unfortunately, highlighting success and making success is too common in the professional psychic industry (and in the financial investment industry).

We believe that the next major, long-term boom in financial markets, which we believe will begin in early 2010. By the end of 2011, US financial markets will launch a dramatic, long-term escalation, but of course they will have an occasional, common, highly volatile volatility on the go. [19659002] If you are asking 2011-2015 whether the correction of a particular financial market is the culminating collapse, (as opposed to the present), then it will not. You will know when the closing down occurs and you do not have to ask. It will be very big.

We believe that between 2011 and 2016-2018, financial markets (especially the US markets) and thus the world's most important economies are termed as turmoil teenagers, and many people remember that booming is often over, especially when , when the basis for recovery is based on unsustainable economic policies.

What will the catastrophe cause in 2016- 2018?

In Greece, it may still be a threat. The Greek government has been spending more and more for years, debt is stifled and bankrupt. 25% of the Greek labor force is a government employee and many are fat and full retirement: 14% of Greeks are government early retirees (50 years in women and 55 men), 61 years of retirement on average. many Greek employees have acquired excessive government eligibility programs and because these programs have to be reduced to deal with economic reality, they are outraged.

Though there are no many financial experts today Greek The tragedy avoided the IMF and EU financial rescue plan, Simon Black, the editor of the SovereignMan website, says "… anyone who has two brainwashing one another, recognizing that Europe's economic troubles can not contain more paper money … and now the problem has only been worse than $ 1 trillion. "

" Combating the economic crisis requires hard work, savings and minimal disruption from governments There is no magic tablature, eligibility program, or paper-based bomb that suddenly improves things. "Instead of governments reducing social benefits that encourage people to become lazy, but also bare bones in order to to entrepreneurs and investors they must provide a strong motivation for hard work, taking risks and recruiting staff. "

" These things do not happen and will not happen in the foreseeable future either. And so, supported by the European trillion dollar pledge, Greece will probably return to the business as usual … to spend that money that does not and exponentially worse its problems. "

The United States is on the same track [19659002] While the European debt crisis is likely to be under control by the end of 2010, it is expected that Europe, including Greece, America and Japan, will be heading towards a financial brick wall, unlike public spending and regulations, funny money solutions The causes of previous financial crises reflect on how politicians handle the problems now that will only create the next crisis.

Although the comprehensive message we mediate here is not very optimistic, all cyclical and the next financial after a catastrophe, will be more prosperous times, we believe that the US will not cease for at least 200 years and the United States is likely to shake many of its resilience and subsequent mic triumphs.

The root of (or at least a large part of) the next financial catastrophe, as Simon Black has outlined above, seems obvious now It is obvious to us that the world's governments will not foresee or be able to act and change the way until after the next great catastrophe

Just keep this in mind when the financial markets the upcoming year will rise: If things seem too good to be true, remember that they are usually these. Improve trends but do not risk excessive risk

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