Basis of Knowledge

When studying the knowledge of the universe's universal truths, I have learned that there is one main idea to summarize everything. We are all looking for success on earth and creature creature who is God.

first God is the supreme being of being! (Exists in existence at the highest state of existence).
2. The Creator of the Universe (this is born in the present universe).
3. The World Designer (The Willingness or Formation of the Supreme State of Being or the Vibration Frequency).
4. There is complete domination throughout the universe.

How is this possible? God uses the already applicable laws that come with creation.

The universal law of creation 7 or 12 exists because of the fact that we and the universe exist. That's right.

Everything in the universe is energy. Every energy is made up of atoms. Everywhere, atoms have everywhere with a certain spin frequency called frequency. Frequency is the vibration rate of atoms (detection of vibrations in high school physics).

So every energy vibrates, the energy of our body, and so in the supreme condition of the gods, at a vibrational frequency that is the highest, God can manipulate these laws to their fullest measure.

This can also be the case with the highest possible excess we can when we understand what God is a child.

"And as God is your offspring" Acts 17-29

"You gods and all of you are the children of the highest" Psalm 82-6

In life everyone comes from a person who is at least 6000 years old even if there are more ancestral regions. These bees possessed the self-sufficient level of religion and practiced the high culture because they naturally passed through these positive qualities and carried out special spirituality instructions given by nature.

Now the first person who exists in scripture, Adam or Adam Kadmon. What Kadmon means is the heavenly property that exists forever.

"The kingdom of God is not observing nor saying that the kingdom of God is in you" Luke 17-20

Adam receives his breath from God and breathes the same breath now. There is always the point that enables us to reach Christ's consciousness regardless of our environment. This means no matter how serious pollution is around our body that can be calibrated again to the DNA of its alpha. This alignment with the Alpha DNA pattern simultaneously brings about the consciousness of Christ, or what is the called entity with the Godhead. This is because of the truth or the law of the alchemy. Alchemy is science and art that raises vibrations of all body parts with the highest possible state of health or body vibration. Alchemy is synonymous with object chemistry. Chemistry is the combing of elements to create a predicted output. First, you need to know each element of the body because each element has to practice it. This is the so-called full knowledge of the one that a person should practice the whole of me. Then you can continue to do what you are doing now / next.



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