Psalm for prosperity

The Psalms of the Bible are a literary treasure chest for prayers for prosperity. Below is a list of the psalms that tell the common financial needs. Some Catholics and Santeria traditionally say prayer or imitate prayer after lighting a candle. You can repeat prayer so many times that you want to transform into a mantra

Psalm 1: Attracts office rumors that will harm your reputation.

Psalm 5: Ask for special financial assistance

Psalm 6: Asking Pardons From Creditors

Psalm 7: Asking for Blocks to be Blocked

Psalm 8:

Psalm 10: For encouragement, self-confidence and endurance

Psalm 11: For mercy, for tenderness and compassion, for the victory of the enemies when they are in a hard corner Psalm 12: A gossip, bad rumors Attack of Reputation to Overcome Anxiety

Psalm 13: Overcoming anxiety when it is in need of a corner

Psalm 14: To renew the belief that the universe may unfold as it should be [Psalm18:ProtectingYourHomeliberationfromtheenemies

Psalm 19: Receiving the dail to satisfy the universe

Psalm 20: Ke Two Judgments in Court

Psalm 21: Increasing Intellectual Vibration to Make Our Life Happy

Psalm 22: Releasing Heavy Financial Situations When We Feel Himself Hopelessly Or Heading Into Heaven.

Psalm 23: Peace, tranquility and silence of the soul to help enter the higher self

Psalm 24: calmly confused thoughts, anxiety, still the subconscious and the spirit, alleviate fears of the future [Psalm] : Inspiration for access to the higher ego

Psalm 26: To trust in the success of finances

Psalm 28: Eliminating enemies, peace, tenderness, grace and kindness against the enemy

Psalm 29 : Increasing vibration and cleaning the home

Psalm 30: For the patience and acceptance of the divine will, this is the time that we need to thank for the many blessings. [Psalm] Psalm 33: If We Feel

Psalm 35: Victory in the Court

Psalm 36: For when he feels a damn and an evil eye Provides sweetness to receive the divine blessings

Psalm 37: To remain jealous and calm to overcome jealousy, envy, anger and disappointment [Psalm38:ForJudicialProtectionPsalm39:ToOvercomeFear[19659002] Psalm 40: Faith to Confirm God, Is Still the Mind If You Feel Deluded

Psalm 41: When He Feels Depressed or Forgiven Psalm 42: Your Personality and the Higher I; to open the channels of opportunity

Psalm 43: For grace when you are in unjust position

Psalm 44: For grace when you are in an intolerable or unjust situation; to strengthen faith in God

Psalm 45: Increase faith in the subconscious power to follow the words spoken

Psalm 46: To increase enthusiasm for spiritual substance, we increase our faith in the higher self governing [19659002] Psalm 47: peace, prosperity, happiness, and love: Psalm 48: The "smiling millionaire" to strengthen happiness and faith

Psalm 49: happiness of others

Psalm 50: To confirm that the universe is benevolent and needs to make everything unfolding

Psalm 51: Overthrowing Guilt or Self-Criticism

Psalm 52: Unfair Situation

Psalm 55: Conquering anxiety and fear

Psalm 57: and the lifting of fear

Psalms: when justice, compassion, kindness, gentleness

Psalm 60: Taking the Past behind the Pure Silk in the Subconscious

Psalm 61: Helping to Find a New Home When In Trouble With Creditors

Psalm 62: Strengthening Faith in the Upper

Psalm 63: For anxiety, fear and contempt

Psalm 64: To increase trust, reduce the fear of hidden enemies and ask them to be in the right place at the right time [Psalm66:Thankyoufortheblessingsyouhavereceived

Psalm 66: Thank you for the prayer received and the attitude of gratitude

Psalm 67: Give thanks to what is to eliminate dissatisfaction [Psalm69:DuringHisPassion

Psalm 70: Reducing the Negative Thoughts and Attitudes of Others

Zsolt Price 71: Liberation of Limitations of Thoughts and Situations That Look Like Traps For Trust and Endurance

] Psalm 72: Improving the Condition of the Genius

Psalm 73: To Avoid Emotions and Emotions Like anger, jealousy and anger, which takes away the possibilities of our own enrichment and goodness

Psalm 74: Attempt to attract and repel enemies

Psalm 75: Encourage work change or lease

Psalm 76: Traditionally fortune to win gambling between luck or good luck

Psalm 77: Resurrecting Lost Faith in Yourself and in God

Psalm 78: And Resources of Divine Imagination "

Psalm 81: Increasing Faith in God's Goodness in Higher Self and in the infinite fullness of the universe [1965] 9002] Psalm 82 poverty and injustice; to help organize and do a "do it" list

84. Psalm 85: Finding Inner Silence, Peace of Mind and Peace with God

Psalm 86: When Despairing or Despairing

Psalm 87: Promoting Artistic Successes;

Psalm 89: Relief of all pain and suffering, including its financial nature

Psalm 90: Thanksgiving for Daily Blessings and Righteousness

Psalm 95: Removing the Blocks of Well-Being, Listening, Listening, Exhibiting or Scanning [toinspirethehighestrighteouspath

Psalm 96: Confirming Your Insecure Faith to Address Your Plans

Psalm 97: Solving Problems of Creditors

Psalm 98: Joyful Heart and Thanksgiving for What You

Psalm 99: Mercy in court proceedings

100. Psalm: Negative Energy and Harmful Effects

101. Psalm: Lowering the treadmill or abolishing bad habits like overspending.

102nd Psalms: Answering a Problem

Psalm 103: How You Want to Change the Right, Silence and Tranquility and Grace

Psalm 105: Forgiving and Forgiving of Past Misconceptions of the Past to Prepare the Subconscious To Get Pure Card

Psalm 106: Higher self-confidence and renewed optimism

Psalm 107: Thanks (laziness, inebriation, surpassing)

Psalm 108: Success in Business

Psalm 111: Finding a Good Workplace or Career

Psalm 112: Enlarging your perspective, see the big picture and allow you to seize the significance of all their possibilities

Psalm 113: To judge, applaud, win or recognize prize

Psalm 115: Resist the naysayers and cooperating people , for business success

Psalm 116: Everyday thanksgiving today

Psalm 117: Conquering Self-Pity

Psalm 118: When the problems are overwhelming, it is given as a blessing in prayer [19659002] Psalm 119: (Gambol: verses 17-24) To attract money

Psalm 122:

Psalm 123: Providing free flow of kindness as the energy of your life

Psalm 126: Understanding that problems are temporary and it also passes

Psalm 128: Creating a Happy and Peaceful Home

Psalm 129: To Liberate Against Anti-Money Suppression

Psalm 131: Attracting Evil Eye, Jealousy and Misfortune

Psalm 132: Acquisition of Property and Property

Psalm 135: Strengthening Heart and Will, to lead man to the highest aspirations of life

Psalm 138: For the uncertainty at that time, when we feel overwhelmed, we lose fear and anxiety about the future

Psalm 139: To instill God and the Divine Plan in your self-consciousness, which is stored for you when you have lost a confused or sad feeling

Psalm 141: Answers

Psalm 143: Restoration of faith on the road and renewing the trust of a joyful and hopeful tomorrow

Psalm 144: Praise and Thank You for the Blessings

Psalm 145: Feel , overwhelmed with financial problems and need answers

147. Psalms: Peaceful Heart and Tranquility in Conflict and Confusion

Psalm 149: Helping to Understand the Timing of Divine Providence and Understanding All Requests

Psalm 150: Acquiring and Expressing Blessings by Blessings

Simple Prayer:

"My dear Lord leads me to respect my talents and treasures. Amen."



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