Psycedelic Sixties Party Games, peace, love

Party of the Sixties means returning to the past. Perhaps there are guests who have not been born in the sixties, so this party will be a very interesting experience when many people know the least known time. They get to know the fashion they used to wear tights, pants, and so on. Costumes by one. The dance-artist theme of the sixties has to decorate the parties so everyone feels they are part of the time. It is also best to create creative games for the sixties.

Dance To The Beats

This is a game for everyone. The rule of the game is that in this case nobody can say no to dancing. Everyone who participates in the party is dancing and there is no exception that the host can not dance, everyone is involved in this game. Participants can bring their CDs and give it to the host so that the songs can be played. The best part of the sixties party game is that every participant gets a prize because they are prepared for dancing, which is encouraging for everyone.

Painting the Wall

The sixties game is nothing but fun and spontaneity. This game is no different from the concept. In this game, you place a white card on the wall and ask all your guests to go to the wall and paint the white card with any comment, suggestion, or anything else you will encounter. When every guest comments, the host goes up to the wall and reads all the comments by signing the guests under the posts.

The success of the 1960s depends entirely on how well it is designed. There are some people who want to plan and create parties themselves, and there are people who seek professional help. Good for both ways because the party's main purpose is to be fun and that people like to participate. It is also important to note here that games of the sixties have to be created and designed in such a way that everyone really enjoys it.



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