Purified Water vs. Spring Water

As the general safety of public water supplies is tested based on a recent Associated Press study that detects some annoying dirt, many consumers are probably wondering if bottled water is better. For many, facts about bottled water make this a clear choice. The problem lies in what bottled water you choose. Understanding the differences between purified water and spring water can guide consumers in the right direction

Although there are differences between purified and spring water, many generally find the benefits of bottled water. Most of the processing of most bottled water can help remove the dirt that passes through the treatment and testing of public water supply.

Bottomed Water Ways to Know Consumers

Bottled water is brilliantly going through much more control and control than many consumers. Although not the same agency that oversees water supply – the US Environmental Protection Agency – gets government oversight. In the case of bottled water, the Agency, which provides strict requirements, is complied with by the US Food and Drug Administration. Many states also have their own defense layers in terms of regulation.

The FDA itself has high requirements for bottled water produced and / or sold in the United States. This agency asks that bottled water suppliers, clean up, spring or otherwise, should do the following:

  • Learn FDA Standards – Bottled Water Companies Must Meet FDA's Safety, Quality, and Control Requirements. These are needed to sell the US consumer market in exchange. These standards are, according to the law, as stringent or stricter as those defined by the EPA by public water systems.
  • Proper naming of their products – For example, the FDA requires that additional water treatment is required, so on the label.

In addition to the FDA regulations, many US bottled water suppliers are members of the International Bottled Water Association. This voluntary industrial association has more stringent regulations than federal government, and even state governments. IBWA requests its members to:

  • Compliance with safety and quality standards – IBWA goes beyond FDA and EPA standards.
  • Sees Yearly, Unannounced Checks – These are being performed to make sure IBWA members meet strict requirements as members of the association.
  • Bottled water sometimes comes from the same source as public water. In fact, many bottled water is supplied from the tap and will continue to work on creating their own brand. But some do not. Understanding Spring Water

    While source water and purified water can originate from exactly the same underground sources, the treatment processes that are affected by the two varieties can be quite varied. In general, source water must come from protected underground sources to carry this moniker.

    According to IBWA, bottled spring water must come from an underground source that flows naturally into the Earth's surface. The water itself has to come from the source, or from a borehole that falls into an underground formation. In order to obtain spring water, the collected water must have the same properties as the spring before treatment.

    Spring water should be subject to the same FDA and IBWA standards as other forms of bottled water must comply. This means that quality needs to be investigated and certain forms of treatment should generally be used to ensure safety and clarity.

    Difference between purified water

    Depending on the supplier in question, purified bottled water may actually come from the same source as spring water. However, this differs from the two varieties.

    For the purpose of obtaining the "cleaned" name, the water must be one or more special treatments according to IBWA. The options include distillation, reverse osmosis, ion exchange and so on. Purified water is essentially a highly treated drinking water that does not contain chemical compounds found in water supply. For example, chlorine treatments are not found in purified water

    Distilled Oxygenated Water is Best Purified

    Distilled Oxygenated Water is a form of purified water that devotes great attention. To produce this product, the source water is distilled for purification. This step removes dirt during the process and ensures that the FDA and IBWA standards are met or exceeded. The oxygenation process itself requires the infusion of oxygen molecules into the final product. The end result is a clean, sharp tasting water product that conforms to FDA and IBWA standards. Many people find that purified bottled water is the best choice if the safety and the taste of both substances.

    The decision to buy spring water and purified water is often made according to personal choice. Many people like the flavor and the added security that purified bottled water can provide. The reality is that many forms of distilled and spring water come from the same source. However, in the case of purified water, the extra treatment measures are capable of causing mental peace and good taste




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