Queen Pharaoh of Egypt, Queen Hatshepsut

In my college years, I have always been a favorite when I dedicated the history of architecture specifically to the Ancient Middle East. Now, many years later, the feeling is still the same. That's why I decided to make my own research and study about Egypt's history and the great pharaohs, the queens, and their contribution to the ancient world. The greatness, culture and tradition of their architecture, which was so different from other nations in ancient times.

When I think of Egypt, things that come to my mind are pharaohs, pyramids, sphinxes, queens, the Nile River, temples, hieroglyphs, obeliskes. When I began to read her history, Queen Hatshepsut moved deeply, considered to be the greatest pharaoh ever in Egypt, and her works were never equalized by the Pharaohs following her. Let me give you more information about how we go with my article.

Our Queen, Queen Thutmose I, and Queen Queen Ahmose, was born in the 15th century. Hatshepsuth's name means "The Most High of Noble Ladies". You probably have a younger sister, Neferubity, mentioned in Beir el-Bahri temple.

When his father died, Thutmose II became the throne. In ancient Egypt it was customary for the successor of the throne to go before the king's eldest daughter. If Thutmose II were to marry Hatshepsut, he would consist of pure royal blood like Thutmose II, the son of Thutmose, another wife, Isis, without royal blood. She had a daughter, Neferure. II. King Thommose died in the 4th year of his reign, so his son Thutmose III, the son of the royal harem. Since the crowned king was so young to rule, Queen Hatshepsut became a co-regent. Finally, he decided to proclaim himself to Pharaoh 5 of the 18th Dynasty. He used many strategies to legalize his throne. Some of which; his divine birth, the appointment of his father as a successor to the throne, which he wrote in his famous temple and saw that he wore publicly the traditional Pharaoh dress to gain respect from his people.

Queen of Peace " from Ancient Egypt. There is evidence that it was minimal during the use of weapons. Some of His Works

Deadly Temple of Bei el-bhair – Egyptian temples were considered to be the most beautiful, masterpieces of all its buildings, known as Djeser-Djeseru's main focal point, the subtle majestic column with perfect harmony. It was built a thousand years before the Greek Pantheon. Other Pharaohs before they built their temples to share their splendor.

Speos Batn el-Bakarah Tel. He was destroyed by Thutmose III. One of them still stood to this day and considered the world the highest obelisk.

The big baggage on the Punt land – 5 boats, commissioned the Punt (maybe land will be Somalia or Ethiopia today). This expedition restored the trade relationship between Egypt and Punt, and probably also among other nations. Thus, the accumulation of wealth and the reign of the pharaoh

Restoration of the original Point of Munt

Various works of art, the regent of which they show . Big granite sphinx that resembles it.

was long, prosperous, glorious, and bright, as historians considered. It was 21 years in Egypt. 1479-1457. Until its mysterious disappearance, when III. Mr. Thutmose became the new king of Egypt.

There is newer and newer information about it, but the purpose of my article is to describe his greatness and the greatness of his works. The III. Thutmose's effort is not enough to erase his name in Egypt's history. The heritage is forever. The world will never forget a great woman who leads the way to ancient Egypt to the height of her unquestionable glory



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