Recipe for Peace

Really a foolish recipe for true inner peace. really

is simple if you are someone who has decided to use this path

controls it. It does not cost you money, you do not have to

to obtain an insurance plan. On the contrary, if you are

continues this peaceful peaceful plan, it will reach

life-saving life insurance plan.

God, who has created all this plan

to anyone who is willing to bet. He guarantees that it is

Success for Peace in Your Life. But there are a few

requirements that are required for your activation.

God is not God, which makes our lives more complicated.

We are the only ones for whom this is the reason. God is there

has assigned a very simple peace plan, it is actually so simple

you can say it's as simple as A, B, C!

Facing him if there is no peace in his soul then

life that is life-threatening. The chances of doing this

practically from 10 to 1. I would say no experiment

your life, you do not live. It would be an exception if you were

life was moving at a constant pace. But God knows

this is not the norm of his children, and so to all those who

wants you to give perfect peace to this perfect recipe.

God loves us with loving love and wants us to keep it

Peace in order to better serve Him while we are still

strangers in this world. So here's very simple, very simple

and is guaranteed to work for everyone who uses it as he does

was intended.

A is the ABIDE

Abide means living, living in something. She's at home

is home where the heart is. Jesus said, "If … you will keep My Self

commandments (if you continue to obey Me's instructions),

you stay in my love and you live on it as I do

obeyed my Father's commandments and lived in His love. "

(Jn.15: 10). Jesus represents love and peace, and he is

tells us to obey him so that we can obtain

these things from her. John the Apostle says, "But it is

you, the smell (the sacred designation, the ceremony)

what you have received (constantly) in you;

(yes), there is no need for anyone to dismiss it.

But as her smell teaches everything

is true and not false, so it should be ABIDE

never get away from it) (rooted in it, bound

He, as he (teach you) taught you. "(1

Jn.2: 27). John also says ABIDE is in it

the truth lives. Living the truth brings peace, no more

condemnation. John also writes (28) to ABIDE

He is to enjoy and enjoy the perfect trust (boldness,

guarantee, and we will not shrink and be ashamed

He is to His coming. Again you will tell (1 John 3: 6) that

anyone who ROBBANJA in it, NOT intentionally,

consciously or ordinarily commit the crime. Sin is what keeps us

for the knowledge of the perfect peace God has given us to the Lord

is the first place. So when you live in ABIDE in Christ you will be there

peace from sin! This is the nature of God, that is

perfect peace. Simple so far?


As we can stay, we will believe in Christ.

This is credible or trusting. Finally,

HITEK is the main theme of God's Word. Many

made miracles for those who believed. Jesus

You said, "It is possible for everybody who can

WE HAD TOWARD. "(Mk 9:23) Jesus said," ALL "things, not just one

a few things would be possible. Everything is included

that … everything that exists. What does it leave?

Nothing! Again God made this promise: "to all who are

received and welcomed Him, He gave aurthority (power,

privilege, better) to become children of God, that is, to them

who BELIEVE (keeps it, trusts and relies) on him

name. "(John 1:12) I do not know about you, but that brings

great peace to my soul, knowing I am a child

God, the God of Peace! If it did not get your attention

well, then what is this. By believing in his name, you will do it

will never be lost but will be eternal life! God says we will be

He shall live forever in His kingdom (Jn 3:15). That really is

is a key component of peace, knowing that we will never die,

that our lives will live in another kingdom with the Almighty God.

The Bible is full of these promises from God to those who are

are willing to believe in His Son to attain eternal peace

and eternal life.


This is the last ingredient. In fact, the first and the last. HE

is Alpha and Omega. He is Rock, the Savior, a

Comfortable and friendly. These names are in themselves

great peace. Only Christ is the cause of ABIDE and

CAUTION in the first place. He is the cause of our salvation,

which causes peace to perfection. Christ is in his own

words say that even the person who offers us a cup

drink because we bear his name and belong to him

rewarded. (Mk 9:41) Here is the best certainty. Paul

said: "Therefore (no) now no condemnation (No.

condemned to those who are in Christ Jesus,

who live after (and) the dictates of the body, but

after the dictates of the Spirit. "(Romans 8: 1) Just knowing this

Christ does not bring us judgment judgment. This

adds great peace now. There is Christ

The power of God and the wisdom of God (1 Cor 1:24) What

Christ is just like Christ the Lord (1 Cor 3: 23). In fact, the

The Bible says it is in Christ (what we get)

from him, and nowadays we are "new creatures". (2

Cor. 5:17) This is a fresh and new road that has come.

Things restrain us from peace

our old things; like contempt, sin, pride, laziness

about forgiveness. All that does not leave us alone

ABIDE and HOW in Christ. But when we can do this

things, he's clean as snow. I must admit

that something magical and pure is the first
. This is described as pure, pure, and pure. We

reflect the ancient innocence and beauty when Christ

has done the cleansing of our act.

Summing up all this, as Paul declared; "Pass over to Christ

faith (actually) resides (settle down, stay, make it up

at home constant) in your heart! Be deeply rooted

Love and trust in love for love. "(Eph 3: 17)


is a permanent residency (remember, home is where your heart is

), they are rooted and rest assured in peace!

Perfect love, truth, peace from sin and sin

is the death. It powers the power and wisdom of God

Relief to PEACE

We now know about A, B, C!

Christ invites everyone to come to him for eternal life and peace

this is life. If you do not know him today, ask him to come in

your heart and confess your sins to her. He loves you

died a lot for them. When we replace these sins

for peace, you will know that it is worthy of praise.

He will be the eternal joy of PEACE, COMFORT,

TRUTH AND LOVE in a world where sin is overturned.

You need everything. Just ask, listen to and get it, there it is

the purchase!

To get to know PEACE, you must first know God.



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