Recipe for the Russian soul

The Russian director Aleksey Burago and I, our upcoming lecture, conducted a warm conversation with the Russian soul, namely that he was not in Hollywood Russian literature.

"No! Everything is OK! They do not understand the mentality of the characters! All room temperatures! None of them except one or two found the irrational, passionate, obsessed creatures only Russia can produce!"

War and Peace, starring Audrey Hepburn recalls. Everybody can measure this way, so calculated. Logical choices. Immediate dictation. But as if Rachmaninov had picked up a piano competition and rewrote it for the piccolo. No size, the timer is too thin. They take the beast with a teaspoon.

I'll be back to my piano days at the Eastman School of Music when I was absolutely sure I was a pianist. Most of my teachers were Russian emigrants who were passionately dense. They spoke calmly, animated, often overcrowding the point of hysteria to score. They turned to music, especially to the Russian repertoire, so they were spiritually limited to fanaticism. While American teachers emphasized the theory and tonality behind the compositions, the Russians were striving for imagination, theatricality, and full delivery of the soul.

Twelve years ago, when I made the slow but inevitable transition to the actress, I found myself in the company of Russian artists again. Only this time were the theatrical children who learned from the youth to express their beauty and to provide catarism using all parts of their bodies. They also worship the holy audience. But, unlike Russian musicians, these creatures were much lighter and appeared with the slightest provocation. Actors, especially well-trained, can sense thoughts and hidden feelings. When they are desperate, especially during the trial, it is better to wear full protective gear and be as if they were walking on ice.

What is the Russian temperament, as prescribed by Pushkin, Gogol, Dostoevsky and even Czechov? Is the love of suffering, the tortured conscience, the pessimistic outlook and superstition of loyalty? According to the rumors, the Russian heart is always boring, its inner life is hot, or in the middle of a blinding bladder. After a minute, the characters scream, and next they kiss each other with kisses. And before you know, everyone is interrupted in the song and "Ochi Chyornye" is ringing on the walls. I'm General? Unusually so!

A Russian actor once told me, "dear, imagine that the Russian character is an extravagant, oversized dress that can't be customized."

In other words, it rises towards the Russian soul. Do not chisel to meet the American perspective. It's easier to say than to do it.

So now what is the recipe for the Russian soul?

1 tbsp in flames in Moscow
3 liter music in a smaller key, plenty of falling fifth
2 cups of snow
1 cup hot blood
1 cup hot tears
1 cup hot tears
1 cup hot tears
gal vodka
1 marinated dill

Mix gently and serve with fine porcelain.



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