Religious tolerance and world peace

Religious tolerance means accepting other religions in their own way. You have to accept the religious conviction of others and practices, even though you can not agree with our practices or our faith. Religious tolerance is important because it helps us respect and appreciate the differences between religious practices. Religions sometimes divide us in practice, but at the same time they are together. Religious tolerance leads to world peace. In order to create a global peace, we must avoid violence and the morals that have been proclaimed by the religions.

Both believers and non-believers live in the same society. So it is important to have religious tolerance to maintain peace all over the world. If you know the essence of other religions, you will find that virtually every religion is promoting the same morality. Human rights violations are due to religious intolerance and such violations aggravate people's misunderstanding. This poses a number of threats to security globally and regionally. The solutions to religious intolerance can be found in the teaching of all religions and in all the spiritual teachings of the world.

Every religious community has its own responsibility to preach to help resolve conflicts and strengthen security by replacing fear with confidence. The responsibility of each individual is important in all religions. If one has to feel humanity and find humanity in the minds of each individual, then religious expressions must be universality. Therefore, in the religious tolerance, diversity of diversity is important. It is important to maintain the feeling of unity and mankind for our cooperation and peace within our planet.

Religious intolerance always hampers love and peace. Religious intolerance is mostly due to ignorance and limited knowledge. Education can help to enhance human spiritual values. It can also create religious tolerance through education, because only government law can not help in stopping religious intolerance.

Religious intolerance is due to differences in opinion among different religions. If you want to embody principles and values ​​in people's minds and hearts, only education can provide enough information that is accurate. Education also corrects misconceptions in people's minds. Education allows us to show not only tolerance for different religions, but realistic credit from our heart too. Education teaches you not to think emotionally but intellectually. The curriculum of education must include a comparative study of the various spiritual traditions and scriptures in order to know the essence of each religion. By familiarizing properly with certain religions, he knows the similarities of ethical issues.

Because of religious intolerance, much of the ancient wars are fought between people and countries. People generally do not believe in other religious groups. But in this modern world you have to be logical and you have to realize that these old beliefs are wrong. There are many definitions of God in the various scriptures, but each one is about an entity that is God. Each country has its own responsibility to maintain world peace. People should not be allowed to perish and physically and mentally torture others in the name of God.

Differences, prejudices and hostility to other religions have to be removed, even if we do not believe them. We need to understand other scriptures, ideas, and essentials to find out that all religious scriptures proclaim the same sermon. Religious intolerance will never help you anywhere. That is why it is important to enjoy religious tolerance in order to maintain peace and security in the world.



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