Secrets of inner peace

Inner peace is a pampering quality, something we all want to love in our lives. Inner peace can become a reality in our lives if we are doing our hard efforts to reach this priority.

Avoid judging others.

The nature of the human mind is that we are tempted to constantly judge others and ourselves. When judging others, we are instinctively attracted to failures and bad attributes. This helps others and not ourselves. The world is full of destructive imperfections, but if we only strive for the judgment of others, we will never be at peace. That is why Jesus Christ told those who condemned others: "He who is without sin took the first stone." Here Jesus Christ said that if we had to condemn ourselves, we ought to be ourselves. Often, when we judge others, we are doing the feeling of subconscious insecurity. Saying how bad the others are, we feel that we are relatively better. If we have real peace, then we do not feel any need to judge others.


True forgiveness means forgetting the sins of others. If we continue to convey the injustices and perceived weaknesses, we will finally feel hurt; this can lead to a feeling of bitterness, which completely contradicts the feeling of peace. Forgiveness must be applicable to us as well. If we have made mistakes, we must learn from them and continue. We do not have the benefit of constantly repeating them in our heads.


The real secret of inner peace is the ability to maintain inner silence; because of inner silence, we need to guide our thoughts. If you have a clear and calm state of mind disrupted by thoughts, you will allow our inner peace to come to the fore. When we enter a real meditation, the mind of the condemned are not prevented. The heart capacity is placed in the foreground; in the heart we feel the feeling of peace.

Why do you move

From one country to another

To find peace?

The sea of ​​peace is just inside

Your mind is a silent sky. "[19659008] Heart Songs: Sri Chinmoy


Peace is a synonym for happiness. if we take our inner happiness into the forefront, then peace becomes a living reality

Serving Others

When we only try to fulfill our own needs and wishes, peace is utterly crying. , we can not achieve lasting satisfaction, it is because of the nature of desire that even if certain desires are fulfilled, more desire is created, but by actively serving others, we find the needs of our own self that are sublimated to a more meaningful purpose



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