Selection of the right mineral make-up foundation

There is no doubt that mineral makeup is more and more anger. And the reason is: women find these powder basics that are easy to apply, they are actually fun to use and be able to have a smooth, flawless finish. In addition, women appreciate the fact that they contain natural sun protection. And many people have noticed that their skin has less acne and a decrease in redness (something called rosacea) – even if there is no makeup!

Here's the problem. With so much popularity, there are so many products on the market today. How does the busy woman choose the mineral foundation that is right for her? Steps to Choose a Mineral Foundation

The first thing you need to know is that most online mineral companies and almost every retail store accept the return. So you can usually buy a product with confidence, knowing that your returns are gracefully accepted.

Secondly, some Internet companies such as Monave Minerals, Afterglow Cosmetics, Suncat Minerals, Cleopatra Choice and many others offer low cost samples. This means you do not have to commit yourself to the product immediately. You can send samples from each company, spend very little, and you can actually use cosmetics before you buy the standard size.

Another way to purchase a sample is to go to an Ulta or Sephora outlet when you are nearing it and try the makeup in the store. Of course, the advantage is that sellers really know their products and help you make their decisions. Both stores have Bare Minerals, and in Sephora, Urban Decay can be sampled.

Foundation Colors and Disadvantages

If you want to choose online mineral resources, you can choose from several companies. Websites provide great images of colors – though some monitors can interpret colors differently. Based on these, mineral companies give a written description of their colors. They say that it is pure or translucent that product coverage is expected; reveal how the appearance looks (whether it is matte, semi-matte, dewy or slightly luminescent). They can also say that a particular color falls into a warm or cool category. The warm colors are yellow or gold-based; the weaker basics of cool colors. Do not worry – these yellows and blues do not show up in makeup. But they give you so much information that you can use to make your choice. Women struggling with acne problems can choose a yellow base that better covers the red color.


Some companies sell their minerals as part of a larger stock. Sheer Cover and Lauren Hutton Makeup do this. The advantage is that they provide more shades of primers and concealer – so you can mix them to get the right shade for your unique needs.

Application Tips

When first trying on a mineral basis, make sure the skin is damp but not greasy. If you use a wetting agent, make sure that you completely soaked the mineral powder. The brush you use – even on the samples – is very important. Experts recommend a Kabuki Taklon which is a soft, rounded and tightly sealed brush. Synthetic brushes far outstrip animal hairbrushes – they eat less, are less suitable for absorbing contaminants, and naturally vegans, which means that animals should not be violated.

Try the test base at the same time with just a thin layer. Always layer your makeup if you want more coverage.

After applying the test base, look at different lights – sunlight, fluorescent lamps and incandescent lamps. Then apply a setting or finishing dust to get more from a matt finish and check for the new makeup in the three different light. The foundation gives a very different appearance to the primer without setting the surface of the powder as a finishing powder.

Mineral makeup is fun. Facial skin is fun. Mixing colors and experimenting with different brands is fun. With minerals, day-to-day makeup was replaced by creativity and shortened application time.



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