Significance of the importance of dreaming

As children, we all have our own great, crazy dream for the future. Some may be the first astronauts to go to Mars while others are about to end the wars and the real world peace. But where are those great dreams? As we become older, let's look at those old dreams and let them go, believe it to be inaccessible or just to be the naive fantasy of children's products.

The sad thing is that these days, even the kids are afraid that dream is great. Research has shown that only 10% of Americans actually set targets for public education, and this is in fact closely linked to a very low percentage of US riches. People seem to have forgotten the importance of great dreams, which can be divided into three key points:

Great dreams say they can do bigger things.
The problem of not dreaming big is to suggest that our life is too smug. We are satisfied with mediocrity and we do not strive to strive for higher. Thanks to the great dream, we are aware of the opportunities that go beyond mediocrity and allow us to see what we really can do.

Great dreams encourage action.
If you have a big dream, you often think you're crazy because you want to continue. Do not think so. Even the greatest dreams can be achieved through careful planning and discipline. Let the pursuit of your dreams serve as a fuel you need for a long journey ahead of you, and if you combine it with careful planning and disciplined action, you will be well-suited to achieving your goal.

Dreaming is inspiring others to do the same.
Many members of today's society feel that great dreams are so unattainable and unworkable that they blend their own dreams and encourage others to do the same. When you acknowledge the great dreams and persecute them, these pessimists may shake their heads and try to bring it down, but do not worry once they see that something has been achieved to make a big dream, they are likely to change their minds and think about their own reviving their dreams.

Great dreams are not just things that are beneficial to children – it's something that adults need to do. We need the inspiration that enables us to maximize our opportunities to do great things and to achieve goals that we believe are beyond our reach. Reinhold Niebuhr theologian once said, "Target the stars, and perhaps the sky will reach."



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