Silence – an Islamic view

"Silence is the gold," say. Silence in Islam is more than gold. Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him) from the value of the famous silence: "Salad (prayer) is the main pillar of Islam, but the silence is better.

Sadaqa (charity) extols Allah's wrath, but the silence is better.

The saw (fasting) is a shield against the fire of hell, but the silence is better.

Jihad (holy war) occupies a high position in the dna of Allah, but the silence is better. "

The calm of human experience is reduced by the reduction of his inner habits: socialization, eating, sleeping and conversation.It places great emphasis on controlling language.This speech is one of the entrances of the heart.It is generally useless speech the most we say is , which is a little thought and less deliberate, we can talk surprisingly about religion. This category Many Muslims speak about God and Islam without the proper knowledge

During the daily conversation, each of them argues, disputes, disputes and laments: such speech does not have value, or rather have negative effects, is nothing other than tricking the trick

On the other hand, charitable speech according to Islamic teachings is what is healthy and constructive The judgment of public life can not be regarded as psychologically harmful only when our lips are closed to the common, that favorable speech is enlightened Excessive conversation can be a serious threat to the soul of man. There is a privilege of tongue that other organs of the body do not, and it mentions the name of Allah and hears it remotely. Scientists say that the cure for excessive conversation is in Allah's constant memory.

We were often taught to think before we talked, but this ability was lost over time. While it may not be possible to forget Allah's remembrance at all times, spiritual training is part of mooring its tongue with dhikrullah (remembering Allah). After many memories of language (some say it takes years) it becomes natural for someone to constantly watch and remind One, Allah. The silence of Islam is simply salvation.



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