SmartJack is your solution for hazy floors

Floors have to bear a lot more weight these days. For example, the popularity of home fitness centers and large-screen televisions has definitely increased the burden on the average floor.

Items such as treadmills and elliptical trainers are a double burden due to their weight and the jarring effect during use. Another big question is the home theater. With over-sized flat-panel monitors and massive cabinets, it's certainly a challenge to floor loads. So how will it react on the floor of the homes?

Floor Thickness

Floating floors in an older house often have a heavy load when they are jammed and too elastic. But the truth is that even if they are supported without heavy loads, the floor can bend and / or overburden.

The strength, stability and flat surface of the floor depends to a great extent on the solid medium volume of the floor tiles. The common construction practice of the supporting elements of the central beams supported by the wooden poles often results in random flooring, as the pieces of wood have deteriorated, floated and shifted over time. If this main support rod descends or rises, the affected rods are affected. Correcting Sag

Fortunately, torn, flexible floors can often be corrected by experienced base repair technicians. Many experts use the SmartJack system to resurface and reinforce scattered floors – a sure groundbreaking solution that reflects thin wood columns that fall to heavy steel rods on concrete pavements. This repair work is most commonly performed in rooms where there are mapping sites, but similar repairs can be made on basement bases.


Unlike the wooden box, all-steel SmartJack never rots, bends, ruptures or shrinks. Strong and stable after 30 years when it was first installed. The solid steel threaded rod at the top of the SmartJack puts it in an adjustable position allowing the contractor to apply maximum load to the lower part of the beam.

Vertical height is supported by pre-stressed concrete elements on the basis of crushed stone or recycled concrete that has been compressed and rented. The support provided by the concrete pier is stronger and more stable than many original construction details, typically consisting of a concrete block or a wooden paddle. In some cases, wood particles simply extend to the ground.

Repair Steps

The first step in repairing cracked floors is to check the foundation for a reputable base repair contractor. This professional assessment may also mean other foundation problems, which also have an impact on the floor system. One such example is excessive moisture in sliding space or walls that need stabilization.

If the sagging floor is the main reason for the medium-length supporting beam, the crew can lift the beam to level the floor (or close to the level) and replace improper supports with the SmartJacks and the concrete legs. If the crawl space is leased and contaminated, the bidder may suggest embedding the entry sites to improve home energy efficiency, durability, and indoor air quality. Crawl space encapsulation also eliminates dirt, moisture, and molds that can destroy most of the dirt.



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