Social Media Platform Review

Unless it is incredibly well-connected to Solopreneur, who commits murder and may even start business, social media will play a role in branding and marketing strategies. Every platform dedicated to users has a cohort and is well suited for some businesses, but perhaps less for others.

Platforms are free, apart from the moment the content is up to date. No matter how much you respond to social marketing in your business, time does not allow Solopreneurs and most business owners to maintain their presence on all platforms unless social media management is outsourced. If the ROI has a positive impact on sales revenue, then investment will be worthwhile. Let's take a look at Facebook, Instagram, and LinkedIn. The most popular social media platform is 2.19 billion users (Statisti, First Quarter 2018) from all over the world. Women have slightly more women than men, and the demographic majority of the age is between 18 and 44 years. Forbes magazine data show that 47 percent of Americans reported that Facebook was the most important factor in purchasing.

Facebook often provides a good return on investment for B2C businesses (slightly less B2B). Events and promotions, talking orders, workshops and other events stored in your store can be announced to Facebook Friends. Content uploaded in text, photos, or videos can be uploaded. Create groups and create communities, or send client surveys. Share the scenes behind your business and what you need to do, and in the process, you involve clients, strengthen your brand, and build relationships.

Does this sound like too much work and too much sharing? Then create a Fan page and limit its presence to basic information and to encourage a good act. Be aware that the presentation of your text, photos, and other content needs to be calm and welcomed, creating a personal feeling (but do not forget that the business is contextual).


1 billion users (2018 statistics) all over the world and 80% out of the US 95 million posts are distributed every day, many are available on mobile devices. Approximately 59% of US users are between 18 and 29 years old. Since the end of 2018, 300 million Instagram Stories users and 30% of users have purchased the product.

Visual messaging, photomodates of the scene behind, social sales, brand awareness, customer relations and relationships. the good use of Instagram. If you're dealing with audiences or special events / conferencing, you may find B2B, or B2C as far as I know.

Photo sharing, short video clips, and solid text messages that contain a hashtag # to better distribute content is the ideal content. Adding a link to your profile bio. Decide whether you want a public or just a membership account. Links can not be shared. LinkedIn has 500 million members globally (Statista, January 2018) as the gold standard B2B social media platform. Large and small business, Solopreneurs, corporate and non-profit executives, doctors and dentists, all employees who are looking for professional aspirations, and most university students maintain the profile page. Employers use LinkedIn to identify potential applicants. LinkedIn ProFinder assists Solpreneurs project work.

LinkedIn is a great platform to build a community of professional colleagues through relationships and share them with their professional history, successes, highlights, and other updates that support your personal brand. My B2B blog posts on my LinkedIn site and my contacts are notified of their arrival. Your contacts will share their stories and have a great opportunity to get in touch and nurture relationships.

Professional portfolios, videos, white books, newsletters, blogs, infographics, SlideShare presentations and podcasts can be included on your profile page for depths of the brand. Articles or studies can refer to links that are interested in relationships. Recommendations and approvals allow others to check their professional bona fides and return their favors.

In the Groups section, you are in contact with colleagues in the industry or school alumni. The topics of interest are mapped on the questions asked and the group members respond and familiarize each other during the process and possibly develop relationships that lead to business.

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