Soul Master Handbook – Peace – Part 1

Today I am saying this article with great peace. Not only is my time a constant challenge for peace, but in my own life, often, peace is often questioned. As a spiritual master, I know that peace is quality, such as love or pleasure, unlike something that needs to be thought out and achieved. But, like love, if you do not feel and experience, it seems to be missing.

Many people think that they need to change, massage, or eliminate the environment or people around them, and then there will be peace to find peace. But removing chaos results in nothingness. While it is true that neutrality seems to be a better situation than chaos until real peace is realized, there is a significant risk that chaos will re-emerge.

Peace comes only when we recognize and assume its constant presence. There is a powerful biblical story about Elijah's prophecy, which represents the recognition of chaos peace, which always gives me great comfort. 1 Kings 19: 11-12:

11 And he said, Go and stand upon the mountain before the LORD. And behold, the LORD passed by, and a great and mighty wind smote the mountains, and cut down the rocks before the LORD; but the Lord was not in the wind, and after the wind was an earthquake; but the Lord was not in the earthquake: after the earthquake fire; but the Lord was not in the fire and a quiet voice after the fire.

So for Elijah, who had witnessed this mighty chaos around him, he found the power of Divine Peace as he did not allow chaos to confuse the underlying peace.

Today we see the wind, earthquake and fire equivalence in the many cruel images we see in the Middle East within our government with more murders, abuses and neglected stories. We can fight peace in our homes as more and more families are faced with challenges such as divorces, job losses, metabolism, depression, harassment, and so on. If we think about these issues in the "absence" of peace, then it is very likely that our thinking will be true. But if we can approach these challenges as a peaceful warrior, knowing that peace is the only way in which we can contribute to reassuring stormy stories.

When peace is lacking, the Soulmate will not get into the turmoil of the moment and allow the noise to retreat and hear the "silent sound" or the peace. Nobody can ever remove peace from anywhere or anyone else, always in the "silent voice" when we decide to listen. Many do not know this because they are scared. If you are dismayed, you will begin to see the many effects of past and future that an ego has spread that says "I separate", "I am alone" or "I'm excluded". When I get to you, the subordinate cause of chaos always speaks of the ego's claim that, in order to gain it, we must fight to regain the lost ones.

The promise of the ego is, of course, mistaken, and is based on impressions of years, and a Soul Master leaves ourselves unattended. These various fears force us to act in the name of fear to protect ourselves. Keeping them unattended, these fears can easily be shared with others, and rumors become a complete abnormal disorder of chaos, which can have a profound impact on a family or even across the country.

I mentioned earlier that I personally dealt with a situation where peace was far away. My first question was seeing peace in others and staying calm. But that did not seem to work, and I felt like I was without each encounter, though "neutrality" was preserved, I was not peaceful. I kept trying to put another peace to the situation and what to do "still" to help solve all the problems. I spent a lot of time with the Spiritual Principles to re-create my own peace and listen to wisdom. As long as I tried to spend a chaotic place with peace, instead of being peaceful in a chaotic situation, either party would feel loss or regret to be neutral.

There is peace. I knew that whatever the "situation" was saying was that, as long as I was in contact with my peace, peace would come to a stand. The Soul Master is "still small" under every storm, because we know that peace is always present. Condition flow is determined by acknowledgment of the original state, which includes peace, love, joy, and abundance. When you begin to feel the swelling of chaos, stand firmly like a strong oak that can not even move the wind, the earth or the fire. The result can not be what you imagined (good or bad), but when you acted in peace in your soul, you did everything you could do. The rest will follow or get the tools or wisdom needed for the next peaceful move.

Relax and be in peace with things you can not control. If it appears that you have the opportunity to "do something" to restore peace, consider deeply if this comes from peace even if you feel that your intentions are for others for peace. If you are not 100% content and peace with the proposed action, can not be derived from true peace. Think deeply to find the restlessness and lay the foundation for peace with you and then advance, knowing that as the sun sometimes conceals behind the clouds, peace also appears when the storm and chaos break up in peace presence.

Buddha says, "Peace comes from within." Such a simple message, and yet our experience often excites us the opposite. But we all know fair peace at one point in our lives, so we have an intuitive and spiritual relationship with Buddha's message that deeply confirms his truth. Peace is a divine characteristic quality. This is our real nature. You can not do it – it's done already. In addition, the idea of ​​having to happen emphasizes the notion that it is missing. But that's never really true. All we need to know is this. There is nothing to do, just accept the peace and then live.

Since peace is such a fundamental quality for the Master of Psychology and a broad theme that comes from individual, family, or social and world, the theme of peace will be pursued in the second part of the Peace Masters series. The following article will focus on individual and world peace.



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