Source of stress

Stress comes to us from all directions. Sometimes it's delicious, and we have no idea what's on our last nerve. At other times, of course, too obvious: difficult relationships, work that we hate, a boss who is like a dictator, a neighbor who likes the middle of the night, crank-the-music-up parties, the homeowner is an alliance that God he considers them responsible for their lives and can continue. And so I'm sure you know.

Today there is not much peace in the valley. This lack of peace offers two choices: We will endure our struggle while we are suffering, disrupting and craving our lives, or at least partial exemptions

. the latter action plan. And I also recommend that you recall yourself with the "battlefields" – small rewards to encourage you along the way.

Developing solutions is much easier if you know the sources of stress. Today we talk about significant, but relatively unknown, stress can stretch and catch us.

Great Demands for a Dry Well

This is huge, absolutely huge. If we do not give our body the necessary nutrition support, we can not make claims.

For example, if Zumba is patooty, frequent colds or influenza, it means that your diet is not enough to support what is Zumbaing. What will be surprising for those who follow low-fat, low-protein, low-salt, politically appropriate diets. With such nutrition, your body can only be played with tiddly winks.

It appears that the rest of the world is receiving the message, but in the US, local governments still insist on putting fluoride into the water system. They do not want someone to think they do not want time, and they do not want to be different.

Meanwhile, fluoride breaks down the thyroid gland (which then frustrates the endocrine system, the master of our health), weakens our muscles and tendons to stretch and break with little provocation, place heavy metals in our bodies, weaken bones, teeth , and especially the children, and the federal government is in the game, the fluoride is squeezed hard, primarily through hygiene and medicine. Fluoride, as you know, is in dentifrice – enough to kill a baby. And this is in newer antibiotics, so while healing the current infection, they also set up problems on the road. And the antidepressants and the antipsychotic drugs that do not work in any way. The digital revolution does not help either

It has electricity frequencies. Our bodies also have frequencies that are unique to each individual. No one in the world and throughout history had the same electric frequencies as you did. Sometimes the frequencies of electrical systems collide with the body frequencies and stress is like Johnny at the scene. Some of us do not notice this electric jingle, although it gives stress to our body, but there are some that have a significant health impact and need to move away from electricity to survive.

Most people are in the middle, but none of us are intact.

And what has involved us? Our DNA.

Thomas Edison started the lamp. You probably never imagined the strength and power of the born gorilla. Let's look at some offspring

Things that considerably increase our electromagnetic (EMF) load:

• Wi-Fi, wireless routers, ethernet cables

• Mobile phones in our pocket

within a mile

• Remote Controls

• Near Electrical Substation

• Microwave

• Smart Meter

• Electric Toothbrush

• And all other wireless devices.

• etc.

There are many positive things you can do to protect yourself and yours. For example, before throwing it, turn off anything that adds EMF load; we are much more sensitive at night.

The most important thing is to improve your diet, both nutrition and nutritional supplements. Nutritional deficiencies actually attract electrical frequencies – straight to our DNA. Poor nutrition becomes vulnerable, while absorbing food provides the body with ammunition to fight the fight vigorously.

In fact, solid nutrition helps to overcome stress that comes from any source. Raising nutrition is how you fight back.



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